Nita K. Patel

Second Vice President
Member & Geographic Activities

Nita Patel Nita Patel, Professional Engineer, is a systems and software engineering manager at L-3 Warrior Systems, manufacturer of night-vision and electro-optical systems. The New Hampshire Joint Engineering Societies named Patel the 2011 New Hampshire Engineer of the Year for her technical contributions to the engineering profession and for her active community involvement.

Patel has been involved in many facets of IEEE, including her current roles as 2012 IEEE-USA vice president of communications and public awareness and as secretary/treasurer of the Computer Society's Member and Geographic Activities Board. With the Computer Society, Patel has served in many roles, including chapter chair, regional coordinator—during which she helped pilot a chapter chair training program—and member visitor program chair. As IEEE-USA VP of communications and public awareness, she led the successful deployment of the newly revised IEEE-USA in Action and worked with the communications, awards, and publicity and public awareness committees to promote IEEE-USA programs.

Outside of IEEE, Patel is active with Toastmasters and the United States Chess Federation. She received an MS in computer engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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