James W. Moore

Second Vice President, Standards Activities Board

James Moore James W. Moore, a Fellow Member of the IEEE, recently retired from The MITRE Corporation, a non-profit "think tank," where he worked on practical techniques for high-confidence software engineering. Prior to joining MITRE, he worked for IBM with contributions to seminal technologies such as CMOS computer architectures, microprogramming, token ring networks, structured programming, clean-room software development, formalized process definition, and software reuse. He has led IEEE, INCITS, and ISO/IEC standards efforts in areas including software engineering and computing security, and now serves as the Computer Society's liaison to the international committee for software and systems engineering standards.

He has served the Computer Society as a Board member, as Treasurer, and in three Vice President roles, as well as serving as a member of the IEEE Board of Directors. He was an executive editor of the 2004 Computer Society Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge and as a member of the editorial board of the 2002 Encyclopedia of Software Engineering. He has written two books on software engineering standards and is the recipient of the IEEE's 2011 Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award and the Computer Society's 2009 Hans Karlsson Award.