Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops and analyzes the budget using information provided by the vice presidents and chairs of each board and standing committee.

The Finance Committee is chaired by a treasurer appointed by the president, and consists of the president, president-elect, assistance treasurer, immediate past president, and the secretary.

2016 Finance Committee

Forrest J. Shull, Chair
  • Angela R. Burgess*
  • Gregory T. Byrd
  • Andy T. Chen*
  • Tom Conte
  • David S. Ebert*
  • Roger U. Fujii
  • Jean-Luc Gaudiot
  • Frank Huebner-Szabo de Bucs
  • Sunny Hwang*
  • Maggie Johnson*
  • Hausi Muller*
  • Mark Paulk*
  • Nita K. Patel*

* Staff

* Ex officio, non-voting members
Updated January 2016

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