Donald F. Shafer

Vice President, Professional Activities

Don Shafer As cofounder and chief technology officer, Don Shafer leads Athens Group engineers in delivering international software services for oil exploration, production, and pipeline monitoring systems. He has led hardware and software product development groups for major semiconductor companies. Shafer managed a large PC product group producing award-winning audio components for Apple. From the development of low-level software drivers to the selection and monitoring of semiconductor facilities, he has led key product and process efforts.

Shafer received a BS in geography from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from the University of Denver. He holds both CSDP and Software Engineering Instructor IEEE/CS certifications. Shafer has contributed to three books, written more than 20 published articles, and is coauthor of Quality Software Project Management (Prentice-Hall). He is a multiarticle contributor to the 2011 edition of Encyclopedia of Software Engineering (Wiley), and to IEEE/CSDP training and webinar programs.

Shafer's current projects include development of a multivolume set of Software Engineering Proven Practices for the oil and gas industry, based on more than a decade of extensive engineering work done at Athens Group. His current patents deal with control system hardware and software virtualization for functional and performance validation and verification.