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From the February 2017 issue

Yarn-Level Cloth Simulation with Sliding Persistent Contacts

By Gabriel Cirio, Jorge Lopez-Moreno, and Miguel A. Otaduy

Featured articleCloth is made of yarns that are stitched together forming semi-regular patterns. Due to the complexity of stitches and patterns, the macroscopic behavior of cloth is dictated by the contact interactions between yarns, not by the mechanical properties of yarns alone. The computation of cloth mechanics at the yarn level appears as a computationally complex and costly process at first sight, due to the need to resolve many fine-scale contact interactions. We propose instead an efficient representation of cloth at the yarn level that treats yarn-yarn contacts as persistent, but with the possibility to slide, thereby avoiding expensive contact handling altogether. We introduce a compact representation of yarn geometry and kinematics, capturing the essential deformation modes of yarn crossings, loops, stitches, and stacks, with a minimum cost. Based on this representation, we design force models that reproduce the characteristic macroscopic behavior of yarn-based fabrics. Our approach is suited for both woven and knitted fabrics. We demonstrate the efficiency of our method on simulations with millions of degrees of freedom (hundreds of thousands of yarn loops), almost one order of magnitude faster than previous techniques. We also compare the different macroscopic behavior under woven and knitted patterns with the same yarn density.

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