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From the October 2018 issue

PhotoRecomposer: Interactive Photo Recomposition by Cropping

By Yuan Liang, Xiting Wang, Song-Hai Zhang, Shi-Min Hu, and Shixia Liu

Featured article thumbnail image We present a visual analysis method for interactively recomposing a large number of photos based on example photos with high-quality composition. The recomposition method is formulated as a matching problem between photos. The key to this formulation is a new metric for accurately measuring the composition distance between photos. We have also developed an earth-mover-distance-based online metric learning algorithm to support the interactive adjustment of the composition distance based on user preferences. To better convey the compositions of a large number of example photos, we have developed a multi-level, example photo layout method to balance multiple factors such as compactness, aspect ratio, composition distance, stability, and overlaps. By introducing an EulerSmooth-based straightening method, the composition of each photos is clearly displayed. The effectiveness and usefulness of the method has been demonstrated by the experimental results, user study, and case studies.

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