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From the October-December 2017 issue

Characterizing and Imaging Gross and Real Finger Contacts under Dynamic Loading

By S. Bochereau, B. Dzidek, M. Adams, and V. Hayward

Free Featured ArticleWe describe an instrument intended to study finger contacts under tangential dynamic loading. This type of loading is relevant to the natural conditions when touch is used to discriminate and identify the properties of the surfaces of objects—it is also crucial during object manipulation. The system comprises a high performance tribometer able to accurately record in vivo the components of the interfacial forces when a finger interacts with arbitrary surfaces which is combined with a high-speed, high-definition imaging apparatus. Broadband skin excitation reproducing the dynamic contact loads previously identified can be effected while imaging the contact through a transparent window, thus closely approximating the condition when the skin interacts with a non-transparent surface during sliding. As a preliminary example of the type of phenomenon that can be identified with this apparatus, we show that traction in the range from 10 to 1000 Hz tends to decrease faster with excitation frequency for dry fingers than for moist fingers.

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