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IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC) is a scholarly archival journal published monthly that focuses on the key technical issues related to Mobile Computing. It is the intent of TMC to publish mature works of research, typically those that have appeared in part in conferences. Furthermore, it is the intent of TMC to focus on issues at the link-layer and above in wireless communications, and to focus only on topics explicitly or plausibly related to mobile systems. Read the full scope of TMC

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From the July 2017 issue

It Can Drain Out Your Energy: An Energy-Saving Mechanism Against Packet Overhearing in High Traffic Wireless LANs

By Tao Xiong, Junmei Yao, Jin Zhang, and Wei Lou

featured article thumbnailEnergy efficiency is a critical issue of wireless devices. As the packets are broadcast to the devices in the wireless transmission media, all active neighboring devices have to spend their energy receiving the packets though the packets are not addressed to them, which is called as the packet overhearing problem. The real-world traffic trace analysis reveals that the energy cost on the packet overhearing accounts for the majority of the devices’ energy inefficiency in high traffic wireless local area networks (WLANs). In this paper, we propose a novel sample-address sample-duration (SASD) scheme to solve the energy inefficiency of the packet overhearing problem. By adding a new SASD header, which contains the critical information, in front of the data packet at the physical layer, the SASD enables the devices to discern the required information in the energy-saving downclocking mode. Consequently, the non-destination devices of the packet can switch to the sleeping mode to avoid the packet overhearing problem. We demonstrate the feasibility of the SASD through hardware experiments and evaluate its energy-saving performance through ns-2 simulations. The results show that the SASD can greatly outperform the existing approaches in the high traffic WLAN scenario.

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