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From the September 2017 issue

Big Search in Cyberspace

By Binxing Fang, Yan Jia, Xiaoyong Li, Aiping Li, and Xindong Wu

Featured ArticleWith the rapid development of big data analytics, mobile computing, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and social networking, cyberspace has expanded to a cross-fused and ubiquitous space made up of human beings, things, and information. Internet applications have evolved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and web information has seen an explosive growth, which is strongly promoting the advent of a global era of big data. In this ubiquitous cyberspace, traditional search engines can no longer fully satisfy the evolving needs of various types of users. Therefore, search engines must make completely innovative, revolutionary changes for the next generation of search, which is referred to as “big search”. This paper first studies the development needs of big search. Then, big search is defined, and the 5S properties (Sourcing, Sensing, Synthesizing, Solution, and Security) of big search, which are different from those of traditional search engines, are elaborated. Also, the paper provides a system architecture for big search, explores the key technologies that support the 5S properties, and describes potential application fields of big search technology. Finally, the research opportunities of big search are discussed.

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