Welcome to the September 2011 Edition of the PAMI-TC Monthly Mailing.

This month's topics include:

1. Call for Papers: WACV 2012 (*deadline extended*) 

2. Call for Papers: MMBIA 2012

3. Call for Proposals: ICCV 2015

4. CVPR 2014 Announcement

5. Videos from CVPR 2011

6. AIPR 2011: Imaging for Decision Making

7. PAMI-TC Linkedin Group

8. How to Unsubscribe from this List




Call for Papers: IEEE Workshop on the Applications of Computer Vision

(WACV) 2012


*Deadline Extended* Papers will be accepted for review through September 18th, 2011


January 9th - 11th, Breckenridge, Colorado


This workshop brings together a diverse group of people working on real world systems for commercial, industrial and military applications. As computer vision matures, its related technologies have started to migrate from academic institutions to industrial laboratories, and onward into deployable systems.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together an international cadre of academic, industrial, and government researchers, along with companies applying vision techniques. Papers from all areas of computer vision in an applied context are welcome.


For more information, please visit: http://www.wacv2012.org/




Call for Papers: IEEE Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (MMBIA) 2012


January 9th, Breckenridge, Colorado


Biomedical image analysis is a fast evolving field driven by the advancement of imaging modalities and high content screening techniques. Many clinical applications are also emerging that use biomedical image processing for decision support. The workshop will bring together researchers in computational vision, medical imaging, computational biology, graphics and robotics communities interested in problems that involve mathematical modeling or analysis in biomedical images, which include emerging molecular and cellular images. All papers related to mathematical modeling or analysis in the biomedical imaging field are welcome.


Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: September 12th, 2011 Paper Decisions: October 31st, 2011 Final Papers Due: December 1st, 2011


For more information, please visit: http://mmbia.org/mmbia2012/mmbia2012.html



This is a Call for Proposals for ICCV 2015. Please send proposals to sarkar@cse.usf.edu by Sept 15, 2011. At ICCV 2009, it was voted to have ICCV 2015 in the Americas.


The proposal should include the following information: date, city, site, hotel, and half the team details (general chairs, program chairs, local arrangements, and some of the other members in charge of the program).  The team should contact the hotel/site to make sure the intended dates are indeed available. Some estimate of lodging costs should be included. My advice would be to plan for >1500 participants.




As you will recall, there was no bid for CVPR 2014 at the time of the TC meeting at CVPR 2011. The TC committee was to put together a team and decide on a place for CVPR 2014, but it needed more time. There was no objection in giving more time to the committee for this important task. It has now completed that deliberation and I am happy to report that CVPR 2014 will be at Columbus, Ohio with the following team.


General Chairs:

Dimitri Metaxas, Rutgers University

Sven Dickinson, University of Toronto

Matthew Turk, UC, Santa Barbara


Program Chairs:

Ronen Basri, Weizmann Institute of Science Rene Vidal, Johns Hopkins University Cornelia Fermuller, University of Maryland Aleix Martinez, Ohio State University


More detail can be found at the document available at



If you any questions or concerns or clarification, please contact TC chair Sudeep Sarkar at sarkar@usf.edu.




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Video Presentations from CVPR 2011 are available for free for all CVPR attendees.


1. go to http://techtalks.tv/cvpr/2011

2. select log in

3. create account

4. go back to talk page and select talk

5. then it will ask you for the last name (case sensitive) and

    registration id (from your CVPR registration).


If you didn't attend CVPR, you can still access the video content for a fee.




AIPR 2011: Imaging for Decision Making

Washington D.C. October 11-13





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