Welcome to the September 2010 Edition of the PAMI-TC monthly mailing

This month's topics include:

1. New PAMI-TC website
2. Upcoming paper deadline: FG 2011
3. Upcoming meeting: AIPR Oct. 13 - 15 in DC.


The PAMI-TC is proud to announce the debut of our new website:

Here you will be able to find the latest TC news, including scheduled
events, meeting minutes, content from conferences, and other member


Reminder: The Ninth IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and
Gesture Recognition will be held March 21-23, 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA


Face and Gesture is looking for papers in all areas of face and gesture
recognition, including:

Age-related change in facial appearance
Human communicative behavior analysis
Multimodal and context-sensitive interfaces
Vision-based human robot interaction
Ambient intelligence
Multi-modal sensing and novel sensing technologies
Human action recognition

Paper submission deadline is October 6, 2010.


Upcoming Meeting: AIPR 2010, Oct. 15 - 15, 2010

The purpose of the Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR)
annual workshops is to bring together researchers from government,
industry, and academia in an elegant setting conducive to technical
interchange across a broad range of disciplines. The papers span a
range from research to fielded systems and provide, to managers
and developers alike, a broad vision of the applicability of image
analysis technologies.