Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter


This month's topics include:

1. ICCV 2013 Early Bird Registration Deadline 2. ICCV Charter 3. Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals: CVPR 2014 4. Call for Papers: WACV 2014


ICCV 2013 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE - 7 October Do Not Miss Out - Early Bird Registration Finishes on 7 October 2013 To ensure you pay the Early Bird registration rate you must register and pay on or before 7 October 2013.

Go online and complete the registration form today:


Using the online forms delegates will be able to:

- Register for the Conference

- Register for the one day workshops.

- Book accommodation

- Book additional tickets for the social functions

- Book tours

-  Pay the paper publishing fee

All registration information is listed on the Conference website:



The Conference website also outlines information for those delegates requiring visas and assistance with other letters.


ICCV Charter: At CVPR 2012 the TC voted to ratify a charter for CVPR. At ICCV 2013, in addition to the usual votes on motions and on ICCV 2017 bids, we will also vote to ratify a charter for ICCV. The ICCV charter will be closely modeled on the CVPR charter, while also including all motions passed at previous ICCV votes.

Note that all voting at ICCV will be done using the same process we used at CVPR 2013. Anything coming up for a vote will be distributed several weeks in advance, and there will be a discussion of all motions at the TC meeting follow by an electronic vote of all attendees. At CVPR 2013 this process resulted in an unprecedented degree of participation, with 700 attendees casting ballots.


CVPR 2014 - Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

Proposal Deadline: October 14, 2013 (midnight local time) Notification by December 2, 2013

CVPR 2014, the 27th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, will be held in Columbus, Ohio, from June 24-27, 2014.

We invite proposals for CVPR 2014 Workshops and Tutorials to be held at the CVPR 2014 venue on June 23 and 28.

The purpose of workshops is to provide a comprehensive forum on topics that will not be fully explored during the main conference as well as encourage the discussion of technical and application issues in depth.

The goal of tutorials is to provide students, junior and senior researchers with background on specific topics covered by the conference. We also welcome "Challenge Workshops" that aim to compare new and established methods on common data sets. CVPR 2014 organizers will collect workshop / tutorial registrations, provide facilities, arrange catering, and distribute electronic copies of the workshop proceedings.

Proposals must justify relevance and viability of intended workshops and tutorials to allow competitive selection. More specific guidelines on how to submit a workshop proposal are at:


and a tutorial proposal at:


Proposals and any related questions should be sent to the Chairs via the email system provided by these pages.

CVPR 2014 Tutorials and Workshops Co-Chairs Kristen Grauman, Raquel Urtasun, Jim Davis, and Margrit Betke


Call for Papers: WACV 2014

Steamboat Springs, CO. March 24-26, 2014

While the acronym is being kept, the PAMI-TC's premier meeting on applications of computer vision has been promoted to be a full IEEE conference, rather than an IEEE workshop. This means we are broadening the topics to all areas of Computer Vision, adding area-chairs, and moving to a two-round submission process.

*The First Round Submission Deadline has passed

Second Round Submission

Submission Deadline: December 10th, 2013 Author Feedback: January 20th - 23rd, 2014 Second Round Decisions: January 30th, 2014

More information: http://www.wacv14.org/


Welcome to this special mid-month supplement to the PAMI-TC newsletter

This mailing's topics include:

1. ICCV 2013 PAMI-TC meeting

2. Call for Papers: CVPR 2014

3. The Everingham Prize


ICCV 2013 will take place December 1-8 at the Sydney Conference Centre in Australia.

More information is available at http://www.iccv2013.org/.

Any proposed motions that you wish to be voted on by the TC meeting at ICCV 2013 should be sent to rdz@cs.cornell.edu by November 1, 2013.

Note that all voting at ICCV will be done using the same process we used at CVPR 2013. Anything coming up for a vote will be distributed several weeks in advance, and there will be a discussion of all motions at the TC meeting follow by an electronic vote of all attendees. At CVPR 2013 this process resulted in an unprecedented degree of participation, with 700 attendees casting ballots.

There will be a vote on the venue for ICCV 2017, as well as on the new charter for ICCV which will be closely modeled on the CVPR charter adopted at CVPR 2012.


Reminder: The paper submission deadline for CVPR 2014 is approaching!

Papers must be submitted by November 1st, 2013. No extensions will be granted.

All submissions will be handled electronically via the conference website:

http://www.pamitc.org/cvpr14. All authors must agree to the policies stipulated below. The submission deadline in November 1st and cannot be changed. Supplemental materials can be submitted until November 8th.


In submitting a manuscript to CVPR, authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another conference or workshop during the review period (November 1, 2014 - March 1, 2010).

By submitting a paper to CVPR, the authors agree to the review process and understand that papers are processed by the Toronto system to match each manuscript to the best possible chairs and reviewers.

All accepted papers will be made publicly available by the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF) before the conference. Authors wishing to submit a patent understand that the paper becomes of public domain after the final

(camera-ready) version is submitted. More information about CVF is available at: http://www.cv-foundation.org/

Double Submission

An extended version of a paper submitted to CVPR (with sufficiently new

material) can be submitted to a journal anytime after the CVPR's submission deadline (even before a final decision on the paper is sent to the authors). An author submitting an extended version of a CVPR paper to a journal needs to ensure that the paper (a) satisfies all submission requirements of the intended journal and (c) does not violate any copyright with IEEE. Authors may also wish to notify the CVPR program chairs of their journal submission. Note that double submission with another conference is not permitted.

Uploading a version of the submitted paper in an archival website (e.g., arxive.org) before or after submission is allowed and is not a violation of the policies.

Tutorials, Workshops and Demos

In addition to the main technical program, the conference will include workshops, short courses and demonstrations. Submit proposals to the appropriate chair: Workshops: Jim Davis (jwdavis@cse.ohio-state.edu)

Short courses: Kristin Grauman (grauman@cs.utexas.edu)

Demos: Michael Brown (brown@comp.nus.edu.sg)

Further information and updates: http://www.pamitc.org/cvpr14.


CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2013 PAMI Everingham Prize Award

This annual award is given to a researcher, or a team of researchers, who have made a selfless contribution of significant benefit to other members of the computer vision community.

The award is given out by the IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) Technical Committee, and the selection is managed by the PAMI TC awards committee.

The winner will be announced at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) in odd numbered years, and at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) in even numbered years; with the first award at ICCV 2013.


The Everingham Prize has been created to commemorate Mark Everingham and to encourage others to follow in his footsteps by acting to further progress in the computer vision community as a whole.  An appreciation of Mark Everingham's contributions is at: http://bit.ly/markever.

The Prize consists of a Gift to the Recipient of USD 3,000 which will be presented during the conference, along with a plaque.  The winners will be listed on the PAMI TC web site.

Further information about the Everingham Prize may be found at:



A nomination for the award should include name(s) and contact detail(s) of the Candidate individual or team and nominator, a brief description of the contribution, and should address the following four selection criteria (quantitatively where possible):

1. The impact of the contribution - in terms of the degree of benefit to the community and the number of community members benefitting,

2. The time and effort that went into the contribution,

3. The degree to which the Candidate sought to understand and address the needs of the community - particularly those members whose needs have previously been overlooked,

4. The lasting nature of the contribution - the length of time over which the community has actively benefitted, or is expected to benefit looking ahead.


Nominations should be made by email to


by 31st October 2013.




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