Welcome to the November 2010 Edition of the PAMI-TC monthly mailing.

This month's topics include:

1. CVPR 2011 Call for Papers Reminder
2. CVPR 2011 Workshops
3. October 2010 IAPR Newsletter


Reminder: The CVPR 2011 Paper Submission Deadline is Thursday Nov. 11,
2010 5pm MST (GMT-7). This is a firm deadline!

CVPR is the premiere annual IEEE Computer Vision event comprising the main
CVPR conference and 10-20 co-located workshops and short courses. With its
high quality and low cost, it provides  an exceptional value for students,
academics and industry. Attendance for the 2011 event is expected to be
1200-1500 people.

Important dates:
Main Conference Paper Submission: Thursday Nov. 11, 2010 5pm MST (GMT-7).
This is a firm deadline.
Supplemental Material Deadline:  Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010
Decisions Announced: Feb. 18,  2011
Workshop/Short Course Proposals: Oct 20, 2010
Main Conference: Tue/Wed/Thu June 21-23, 2011
Workshop/Short Courses: Mon/Fri/Sat June 20,24,25 2011
The main CVPR conference is a selective peer reviewed conference. Papers
in the main CVPR program must describe high-quality, original research.
Dual submission to CVPR and any other venue (workshop, conference or
journal) is prohibited. Topics of interest include all aspects of computer
vision and pattern recognition including, but not limited to:

Human Recognition
Motion and Tracking
Stereo and Structure from Motion
Color and Texture
Segmentation and Grouping
Image-Based Modeling
Illumination and Reflectance Modeling
Shape Representation and Matching
Early and Biologically-Inspired Vision
Computational Photography and Video
Object Recognition/Detection/Categorization
Video Analysis and Event Recognition
Video Surveillance
Face and Gesture Analysis
Statistical Methods and Learning
Scene Understanding
Medical Image Analysis
Image and Video Retrieval
Vision for Graphics
Vision for Robotics
Applications of Computer Vision
Optimization Methods
Document Analysis

Papers will be published via IEEE Computer Society and
included in IEEE Xplore.


Below is the list of accepted workshops (and organizers) for CVPR2011,
More details will be posted at:

Camera Networks & Wide Area Scene Analysis
Faisal Z. Qureshi: Faisal.Qureshi@uoit.ca

Embedded Computer Vision
Amira Abbes: A.Amira@ulster.ac.uk
Belbachir A. Nabil: Nabil.Belbachir@ait.ac.at

Large Scale Learning for Vision
Alex Berg: aberg@cs.stonybrook.edu
Rob Fergus: fergus@cs.nyu.edu

Integral/Plenoptic/Lightfield Cameras
Andrew Lumsdaine: lums@cs.indiana.edu
Todor Georgiev: tgeorgie@adobe.com

Aerial Video Processing
Hosrt Bischof: bischof@icg.tugraz.at
Jianjgian Xiao: xiaojj@nimte.ac.cn
Yu Qian: qyu@sarnoff.com

Projector-Camera Systems
Wolfgang Heidrich: heidrich@cs.ubc.ca
Abhijeet Ghosh: ghosh@ict.usc.edu

Activity Recognition Competition
Larry Davis: lsd@umiacs.umd.edu
Anthony Hoogs: anthony.hoogs@kitware.com

Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
Alex Bronstein: alexbronst@gmail.com
Michael Bronstein: michael.bronstein@gmail.com
Lourdes Agapito: lourdes@dcs.qmul.ac.uk
Alessio Del Bue: alessio.delbue@iit.it
Adrien Bartoli: adrien.bartoli@gmail.com

Object Tracking and Classification beyond the Visible Spectrum
Firooz Sadjadi: firooz.a.sadjadi@lmco.com

Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Ryan Farrell: farrell@cs.umd.edu
Steve Branson: sbranson@cs.ucsd.edu
Peter Welinder: welinder@caltech.edu

Human Activity Recognition from 3D Data
Zhengyou Zhang: zhang@microsoft.com
Wanqing Li: wanqing@uow.edu.au
Adrian Hilton a.hilton@surrey.ac.uk
Zicheng Liu: zliu@microsoft.com
Philip Ogunbona philipo@uow.edu.au

Inference with Graphical Models with Structured Potentials
Julian McAuley: julian.mcauley@nicta.com.au
Tiberio Caetano: tiberio.caetano@nicta.com.au
Pushmeet Kohli: pkohli@microsoft.com
M. Pawan Kumar: pawan@cs.stanford.edu
Stephen Gould: sgould@ai.stanford.edu

Machine Learning for Vision-based Motion Analysis
Matti Pietika-Hinen: mkp@ee.oulu.fi
Matthew Turk: mturk@cs.ucsb.edu
Liang Wang: wangliangnlpr@gmail.com
Li Cheng: chengli@bii.a-star.edu.sg
Guoying Zhao: gyzhao@ee.oulu.fi

Biologically Consistent Vision
Thomas McKenna: tom.mckenna@navy.mil
Randall O'Reilly: oreilly@psych.colorado.edu
David Cox: cox@rowland.harvard.edu
Brian Parks: bparks@vast.uccs.edu

Symmetry Detection from Real World Images - A Competition
Yanxi LIU: yanxi@cse.psu.edu

Computer Vision for Computer Games
Vasileios Argyriou: vasileios.argyriou@kingston.ac.uk


The October 2010 issue of the IAPR Newsletter is now available at:

[HTML] http://www.iapr.org/members/newsletter/Newsletter10-04/
[PDF]  http://www.iapr.org/docs/newsletter-2010-04.pdf


1. ICPR 2010 Highlights
ICPR 2010 Facts and Figures, Impressions, and reviews of the Invited
Talks, plus lists of the new IAPR Fellows.

2. Inside the IAPR: Letter from the President
Denis Laurendeau was elected IAPR President at ICPR 2010. He shares the
IAPR vision for the term 2010-12.

3. BooksBooksBooks
A list of book reviews previously published in the IAPR Newsletter.
Eleazar Jimenez Serrano reviews Progress in Pattern Recognition by Sameer
Singh and Maneesha Singh (Eds.)

4. Of Interest...
Springer and World Scientific have offered free review copies of books to
those interested in writing Book

5.  Letters...
An answer to the question, "when did the term 'fingerprint' come to mean
any set of distinguishing characteristics?"

6. Conference Planner
Chart of some upcoming IAPR and non-IAPR conferences of interest to the
IAPR community.