Welcome to the March 2013 Edition of the PAMI-TC Newsletter

This month's topics include:
1. Call for Proposals: CVPR 2016
2. Call for Applications: CVPR 2013 Doctoral Consortium
3. Call for Participation: CVPR 2013
4. Call for ACs and Program Committee: WACV 2014
5. Call for Papers: ICCV 2013
6. Call for Participation: ICCP 2013
7. Call for Participation: FG 2013
8. The White House Open Access Initiative
9. Special Mid-month Supplement to the PAMI-TC Newsletter

Call for Proposals for CVPR 2016. Please send proposals to rdz@cs.cornell.edu
by May 15, 2013. The proposal should include the following information: date,
city, site, hotel, and half the team details (general chairs, program chairs,
local arrangements, and some of the other members in charge of the program).
The team should contact the hotel/site to make sure the intended dates are
indeed available. Some estimate of meeting space and lodging costs should be
included. Please plan for over 1500 participants. Just for your information,
the venues for the currently approved CVPRs are: CVPR 2013 (Portland Oregon),
CVPR 2014 (Columbus, Ohio), CVPR 2015 (Boston, Massachusetts).

For reference purposes, the following were the motions passed at past
CVPRs: (i) Future major conference bids will be due at least one month
before the PAMI-TC meeting where they will be voted upon. (ii) No
bids, including floor bids, will be accepted after the due date. (iii)
If no bids are received by due date, the PAMI-TC Conference Committee
will constitute a bid that will be voted upon at the TC meeting. (iv)
If only one bid is received by due date, the conference committee has
the discretion to put together an alternate bid.

As a reminder, the PAMI-TC voted at CVPR-2009 & ICCV-2010 to adopt a policy
that program chairs and general chairs of all major PAMI-TC conferences cannot
submit papers to that conference the year in which they are chairing.

We will have a PAMI-TC meeting at CVPR 2013. Time and venue will be announced
at a later date, along with voting procedures. Under the recently adopted
PAMI-TC charter, everyone attending CVPR is a PAMI-TC member and is eligible to
vote.  We expect to adopt some form of electronic voting to substantially
increase community participation in the important process of selecting the next


CVPR 2013 Doctoral Consortium

The CVPR Doctoral Consortium will provide a unique opportunity to students
who are close to finishing, or who have very recently finished, their
doctorate degree, to interact with renowned and experienced researchers in
the field, and discuss with them their ongoing research and career plans.
One senior member of the community will be assigned as mentor for each
student based on similarity of research interests. At the meeting, each
student will present a poster either overviewing his or her thesis research or
a single recent paper, which will be discussed with the mentors and other

All Ph.D. students in computer vision who will graduate within the next 6
months, as well as those who have graduated in the past 6 months are

Submission Guidelines
Eligible students who would like to participate in the Doctoral Consortium
and receive a travel grant should send an application to Philippos Mordohai at
Philippos.Mordohai@stevens.edu including the following. Items 1-3 should be
combined into a single pdf file.

1. a two-page cover letter summarizing the applicant's research and progress to
date and also proposing names of potential mentors,

2. a CV including the expected graduation date,

3. the title and author list of the poster that will be presented at the
consortium, which may or may not be presented at CVPR as well,

4. a note from their advisor confirming the date of graduation and stating
his/her availability to participate as a mentor.

Review Process
If all applications cannot be supported, selection will be based on the
above material and the student's graduation date. Priority will be given to
students whose advisors commit to serving as volunteer mentors at the
consortium. Institutional representation will be taken into account; it is
unlikely that more than two students from the same institution will be

Travel Awards
Airfare and registration fees for CVPR will be covered for the selected

Important Dates
Submission deadline: April 8, 2013
Notification of acceptance: May 1, 2013

Philippos Mordohai, Stevens Institute of Technology:


CVPR is the premier annual Computer Vision event comprising the main
CVPR conference and several co-located workshops and short courses.
With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for
students, academics and industry researchers.

In 2013, it will take place at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland,

Main Conference: June 25-27, 2013
Workshops/Short Courses: June 23-24, 28, 2013

More information: http://www.pamitc.org/cvpr13/


The IEEE Winter Application and Computer Vision Conference will take place
March 24-26, 2014 in Steamboat Springs, CO.

The next installment of WACV brings with it some major changes. While the
acronym is being kept, the PAMI-TC's premier meeting on applications of
computer vision has been promoted to a full IEEE conference. This means a
broadening of topics to include all of computer vision and the
addition of area chairs. With an increasing number of good papers that cannot
be accommodated by the major vision conferences, WACV is a rising forum for
high quality research in computer vision.

WACV 2014 will also introduce a new two-round paper submission process,
inspired by ICML 2013. The idea of two rounds is to provide authors of strong
papers that are ready for review by the end of the summer to gain advanced
standing for their "accepted" work, while still allowing the
usual WACV tradition of a short deadline for papers. Some papers from the first
round will be invited to resubmit a revised version for the second round,
similar in spirit to a "major revision" decision at a journal.

Submission dates:
First Round Submission: Sept 2, 2013
First Round Author Feedback: Oct 5-9, 2013
First Round Decisions Announced: Oct 21, 2013
Second Round Submission: Dec 10, 2013
Second Round Author Feedback: Jan 20-23, 2014
Second Round Decisions: Jan 30, 2014

Interested in becoming an area chair? We're accepting applications to increase
our engagement with the community: http://goo.gl/wSP39

We're also accepting applications for reviewers and program committee members:

More Information: http://www.wacv14.org/


The 2013 International Conference on Computer Vision will be held
Dec. 1st - 8th at the Sydney Conference Centre, Darling Harbour,
Sydney Australia. The conference encourages the submission of
high-quality papers in all areas of computer vision.

Pre-conference dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 8, 2013 (23:59 GMT)
Submission of Full Paper: April 12, 2013 (23:59 GMT)
Author Rebuttal Period: July 9-15, 2013
Final Decisions: September 6, 2013

For more information, visit: http://www.iccv2013.org


The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Computational
Photography (ICCP) 2013 will be held at Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA, USA April 19-21, 2013

The field of Computational Photography seeks to create new photographic
functionalities and experiences that go beyond what is possible with
traditional cameras and image processing tools. The IEEE International
Conference on Computational Photography is organized with the vision of
fostering the community of researchers, from many different disciplines,
working on computational photography.

In addition to original papers, ICCP 2013 will have tracks for invited talks,
posters, and demos.

For more information, visit: http://www.iccp13.org


Registration is now open for FG 2013:

*Note: The early registration deadline is March 20th, so register soon
to get the early-bird rate!

The IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition is the premier
international forum for research in image and video-based face, gesture, and
body movement recognition. Its broad scope includes: advances in fundamental
computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics; machine learning
techniques relevant to face, gesture and body motion; new algorithms and
applications. The conference will be held in Shanghai, China April 22nd - 26th,


Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research

"The Administration is committed to ensuring that, to the greatest extent and
with the fewest constraints possible and consistent with law and the objectives
set out below, the direct results of federally funded scientific research are
made available to and useful for the public, industry, and the scientific

Learn more: http://goo.gl/xbSGk


Special Mid-month Supplement to the PAMI-TC Newsletter

This mailing's topics include:

1. Call for Nominations: 2013 PAMI Young Researcher Award 2. Call for Papers: ICIAP 2013




CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2013 PAMI Young Researcher Award


This annual award recognizes a young researcher for his/her distinguished research contribution to computer vision. The award is given out by the IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) Technical Committee, and the selection is managed by the PAMI TC awards committee. The winner will be announced annually at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), starting in 2013.




This award is made annually for a distinguished research contribution in computer vision by a young researcher within seven years of his/her PhD.

For 2013, eligible candidates must have received their PhD no earlier than January 1 2006. Research in all areas of computer vision will be considered.


The award includes a 3,000 USD cash prize and a plaque. The winners will be listed on the PAMI TC web site. In 2013 the award is financially sponsored by the journal Image and Vision Computing, and is the successor of the Outstanding Young Researcher Award that IVC gave out at CVPR 2012.




A nomination for the award should consist of:


1. The full name and contact details of the nominator, who should hold a senior position within his or her organization. It is acceptable for this to be the same organization as the nominee.


2. The full name and contact details of the nominee.


3. A description provided by the nominator in up to 300 words, of the distinguished research contribution in computer vision of the nominee, and its importance, in a form accessible to a general computing science audience.


4. A CV of up to 2 pages of the nominee (including 5 most important publications).


5. A Publication list of all published articles of the nominee. (Please do not include "accepted" but not yet published articles as these will not be taken into account.)


6. The name and email address of two referees who would be able to provide independent assessments of the nominee's research contribution and who are based in different institutions than the nominator and the nominee.




Nominations should be in the form of a single electronic file in pdf format. The name of the nominator and the nominee must be in the title of the file. Nominations should be sent by the nominator by APRIL 30, 2013, to the PAMI TC chair, Ramin Zabih, rdz@cs.cornell.edu.




Call for Papers: The 2013 International Conference on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


ICIAP is an international conference in image processing and pattern recognition endorsed by the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), the Technical Committee PAMI, and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.


The 17th edition of this conference will be held in the beautiful and ancient castle Catel dell'Ovo of Napoli, Italy on September 11-13, 2013.

Selected best papers will be collected in the 'Pattern Recognition Letters' and 'Information Sciences' journals.


***Submission deadline is March 29th, 2013.

    Conference paper acceptance: May 10, 2013


More information: http://www.iciap2013-naples.org/



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