The June 2013 Edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter


This month's topics include:

1. Call for Participation: CVPR 2013

2. CVPR 2013 TC meeting

3. Call for Co-located Workshops: WACV 2014 4. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ChAirGest Challenge & Workshop




CVPR 2013 will take place June 23 - 28 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.


Register before June 14th to take advantage of the regular pre-conference rate.

Prices will go up again on the 14th. Onsite registration will also be available.


More information:




The PAMI-TC meeting will be held on Tuesday June 25 at 7PM in the Oregon Ballroom. A full list of motions to be voted on will be circulated shortly, including the choice among 2 bids for CVPR 2016:


We are inaugurating a new voting system to significantly widen participation in the community's decision-making process. Votes will be conducted electronically, and everyone registered at the conference is eligible to vote. The PAMI-TC meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the various motions, but the vote will not take place at the meeting - instead, the electronic ballot will open at the end of the PAMI-TC meeting. In order to provide some continuity with our traditional voting mechanism, the electronic vote will be open (it is not a secret ballot). The voting period will end on Wednesday afternoon June 26, and the results will be revealed at the awards ceremony.

Voting instructions will be emailed to all registered participants once the conference starts.


Please send any items you wish to place on the TC meeting agenda to Note that the next TC meeting will be at ICCV in Sydney in December.




WACV 2014 is looking for high-quality workshops to be co-located with the main meeting to be held March 24 - 26 2014 in Steamboat Springs, CO. If you are interested in organizing a workshop, please prepare a short proposal with the following information:


- Title and topic;

- Justification of the workshop, including the relationship to the

  previous ones, the novelty of the proposed workshop, and the reason why

  the proposed workshop may interest the community;

- Names and contacts of the organizers;

- Tentative program committee, invited speakers if any;

- Estimated attendance;

- Estimated number of submissions and acceptance rate;

- Proposed length of the workshop, and date restrictions;

- Special space and equipment requests if any.


Proposals should be sent to Terry Boult ( by August 1st, 2013. Decisions on the proposals will be made shortly after the deadline.


More information on WACV 2014:




CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ChAirGest Challenge & Workshop


The ChAirGest challenge is a research oriented competition designed to encourage researchers to take advantage of data recorded from multiple sensors to optimize methods for gesture spotting and recognition in the context of close HCI. The developed dataset provides researchers a common benchmark tool which enables quantitative comparison of algorithms under strictly comparable conditions. Those algorithms can use any combination of the data types available in the dataset.


The provided data come from a Kinect camera placed slightly above the computer screen and 4 Inertial Motion Units (IMU) attached to the right arm and the neck of the subject. The dataset contains 10 different gestures, started from 3 different resting postures and recorded in two different lighting conditions by 10 different subjects. Thus, the total dataset contains 1200 annotated gestures split in continuous video sequences.


The goal of the challenge and related workshop is to promote research on methods using multimodal data to spot and recognize gestures in the context of close human-computer interaction.


The participants will have the possibility to present their results during the full day workshop held at the ICMI2103 Conference in Sydney, Australia. The papers presented at the workshop will be published in the Conference Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.


Visit the website for more information:

Request the data:



Google Discussion Group:!forum/chairgest


Important dates


- Data available (upon request) since May 1st, 2013

- Executable program & paper submission: August 15, 2013

- Notification of acceptance: September 15, 2013

- Camera ready paper: October 1st, 2013




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