Welcome to the June 2011 Edition of the PAMI-TC monthly mailing.

This month's topics include:

1. PAMI-TC meeting agenda, along with motions to be presented.
2. CVPR Conference Webcast Registration
3. AIPR 2011 -- Call for Papers.

There will be a PAMI-TC meeting at CVPR 2011

Date: June 21, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Venue: Ballroom 1

Below is a tentative agenda

1. Call to order at 7:30pm
2. Approval of agenda
3. Minutes from last meeting at CVPR 2010 (San Francisco)
4. PAMI-TC budget for 2011
5. Updates from ICCV 2011, CVPR 2012, AIPR 2011, WACV 2012, ICCV 2013
6. Discussion of dual submission  policy (Serge Belongie)
7. CVPR 2014 proposal and vote
8. Election of next PAMI-TC Chair (chaired by Gerard Medioni)
9. Update from T-PAMI EIC.
10. Update from CVPR 2011
11. Discussion of alternative sponsorship models for future PAMI-TC conferences.

Background: CVPR has historically been 100% sponsored by the IEEE Computer
Society.  Changing sponsorship has been discussed from time to time for many
years, but for CVPR11 there were major problems (see the chair message
included in the CVPR11 proceedings, also available at

As a result the following motions will be put to a vote at the CVPR11 PAMI-TC
meeting on June 21.  These motions arose from discussions within the following
group, which includes the PAMI-TC steering and conference committees.
Everyone involved supports this overall direction, without necessarily
favoring these motions precisely as drafted below.

Terry Boult, Kim Boyer, Rama Chellappa, Larry Davis, Charles Dyer,
David Forsyth, Dan Huttenlocher, Rangachar Kasturi, David Kriegman,
Jitendra Malik, Takashi Matsuyama, Gerard Medioni, Bryan Morse, Shmuel
Peleg, Sudeep Sarkar, Baba Vemuri, Ramin Zabih

Motion 1. (Financial sponsorship reporting)

For each CVPR and ICCV, the general chairs shall present a brief financial
summary at the PAMI-TC meeting. The summary shall specify how much income is
generated for each financial sponsor, on an absolute and per-attendee basis,
and what the financial sponsors provide to justify this income. Conference
proposals will provide approximate numbers, with an update presented the year
before the meeting and the year of the meeting, and with final numbers due a
year after the meeting.

Motion 2. (Sponsorship committee)

The PAMI-TC hereby appoints a committee to investigate sponsorship options for
CVPR, ICCV and TPAMI, and to provide a cost/benefit analysis of all viable
alternatives. The committee will distribute their report by email to all
PAMI-TC members.

Motion 3. (Committee membership)

The sponsorship committee will be chaired by D. Forsyth and consist of
T. Boult, R. Chellappa, D. Huttenlocher, D. Kriegman, S. Sarkar, Y. Weiss and
R. Zabih.  The committee shall also invite others to serve in order to ensure
that the membership is representative of the whole vision community.

Motion 4 (Allow e-voting)

The PAMI-TC hereby approves e-voting.  Those eligible to vote will be anyone
who is an IEEE-CS member and has attended a PAMI-TC conference in the previous
24 months, or who subscribes to TPAMI and requests e-voting rights.  Motions
can be presented for an e-vote upon the recommendation of the PAMI-TC steering
committee.  Separate e-votes for CVPR- or ICCV-specific issues can draw on
subsets of the list based on their attendance.

Motion 5 (Action on change of sponsorship)

Following the report of the sponsorship committee, the PAMI-TC steering
committee will present one or more options for a approval by e-vote.

Motion 5A: The e-vote will be held after ICCV11, with the options presented at
the ICCV11 PAMI-TC meeting.

Motion 5B: The e-vote will be held after CVPR12, with the options presented at
the ICCV11 and CVPR12 PAMI-TC meetings.

12. Meeting adjourned at 10pm


Register to Attend the 2011 IEEE CVPR Conference Webcast

** Features Live, Integrated Video, Audio, and PowerPoint Presentation
Streaming of all Conference Sessions over the Internet **

Individuals who are unable to attend the 2011 IEEE CVPR Conference in
person will now be able to participate in the event by joining the
live webcast. All of the keynote presentations and technical sessions
from both tracks will be streamed live.

You can watch entire conference live on your laptop via the Internet.

What to expect by registering for the webcast:
1. Ability to watch the conference live and be part of 1500+ attendees
from anywhere
2. Access to the webcast using your iPhone and other mobile devices
with broadband connectivity,
3. Access to the archived videos of the conference for free,
4. Ability to discuss the technical sessions live online

To register, visit http://www.cvpr2011.org/

The webcast is being made available by Weyond Conferencing and content
is copyrighted by IEEE CVPR conference. IEEE CVPR is co-sponsored by
IEEE Computer Society and U. Colorado at Colorado Springs.

AIPR 2011: Imaging for Decision Making
Cosmos Club, Washington DC
October 11-13, 2011

Many decisions of national and international importance require
critical information from imaging. These range from measuring the
impact of deforestation, to assessing the severity of chemical spills
and natural disasters, to identifying threats based on surveillance,
to screening large populations for disease.  Many of the problems are
hard; for example, recent oil spill issues included an extremely large
search area, low concentrations and submerged bodies of oil, low
signal-to-noise ratios, and the need for repeated monitoring.
Decision-making can depend on obtaining reliable imagery observations
under these kinds of conditions, often with urgency.  A second
challenging aspect arises from the need to communicate results to the
public in highly politicized environments: making clear the effect of
uncertainties on the overall conclusions, and dealing with public
perceptions of the role and biases of science and engineering, may be
as important as the actual work being carried out.

Subject areas of the Workshop are expected to address:

• Hard problems and prioritization in image analysis
• Role of remotely sensed data in executive decision making
• End-to-end modeling of the acquisition-to-decision process
• Collection and use of massive databases
• New technologies and approaches
• Historical or retrospective papers.

Papers are still being solicited for this event.  See Home Page below
for details.

The AIPR Home Page can be found at http://www.aipr-workshop.org/.


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