Minutes of the IEEE Computer Society PAMI Technical Committee Meeting

June 18, 2003, at CVPR 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin

1) Report on CVPR 2003 (Chuck Dyer)
   905 papers submitted, 60 oral papers and 149 poster papers accepted.
   10 workshops, 10 short courses.
   Attendance over 700; largest CVPR ever.
   Industrial donations of about $19,000 from Intel, Microsoft,
     Point Grey, Siemens, and Vision IQ
   New innovations in this CVPR:
     a) Paper reviewer discussion period, rankings by PC members, and
         author rebuttal period.  Area chairs liked this procedure, but
	 it adds significant work.  Please send comments on this process
	 to the organizers of CVPR 2004.
     b) "Free" workshops and short courses, with CD-ROM papers and materials
         only.  Workshop papers will be included in the IEEE Computer Society
	 Digital Library.  Workshop only registration was not an option at
	 Advance Registration and should be available if this system is used
	 in the future.

2) Report on PAMI TC Budget (Chuck Dyer)
   The PAMI TC can submit an annual request for a budget from the IEEE
   Computer Society that is at most 35% of PAMI TC sponsored conference
   revenue from the previous year.  The awarded budget must then be spent
   in one year, with any remaining money returned to the IEEE Computer Society.
   Current expenditures include (a) student travel grants to major conferences
   (in 2003 $5,000 for CVPR and $5,000 for ICCV), (b) travel to IEEE CS TC
   meetings, (c) awards, (d) IAPR newsletter mailing and dues.  We need to
   decide on new ways to spend our money.

3) Report on Future Conferences
     a) ICCV 2003 (Bill Triggs)
     	Due to SARS in China, ICCV 2003 will be moved from Beijing, China
	to Nice, France.  ICCV 2005 will be in Beijing, thus swapping these
	two locations.  Bill Triggs and Andrew Zisserman will now be the
	general program co-chairs.  Most of the affiliated workshops will be
	moving from China to France.

     b) CVPR 2004 (Larry Davis)
     	Location has been moved from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. because of
	hotel costs in Baltimore.  The conference will now be held at the
	Washington Grand Hyatt Metro Center.  Discussion about whether or not
	to have paper proceedings.  A sense of the importance of paper
	proceedings was solicited by a vote; the overwhelming sentiment was for
	CD-ROM only proceedings.  This will be considered by the organizing
	committee for CVPR 2004.

     c) WACV 2004
     	A call for proposals for organizing WACV 2004 was given.  Terry Boult
	volunteered to begin organizing this conference.

     d) ICPR 2008
     	ICPR 2008 would be the normal year for this conference to be scheduled
	in North America, and Kasturi invited proposals to be prepared and
	presented at ICPR 2004 in Cambridge, UK.

4) Report on the status of IEEE Transactions on PAMI (Rama Chellappa)

5) Report on IAPR (Kasturi)
    The IAPR Newsletter is now online at www.iapr.org   A vote was taken
    on whether or not the PAMI TC members should receive the IAPR Newsletter
    in hardcopy form, or just receive an email indicating that a new edition
    is available on the web.  Overwhelming vote in favor of online newsletter

6) Selection of site for CVPR 2005
     a) Anchorage, Alaska proposal was presented by Gerard Medioni.  He,
     Anandan, and Steve Seitz visited Anchorage and Fairbanks earlier in the
     year and selected a location in Anchorage.  One problem is that hotel
     rates rise rapidly throughout June, when the tourist season begins.

     b) San Diego, California proposal was presented by David Kriegman.

     Following discussion of both proposals, the vote was 62 for San Diego
     and 51 for Anchorage.  So, CVPR 2005 will be in San Diego, led by
     David Kriegman.

7) Election of PAMI TC Chair for 2004-2005 term
    Chuck Dyer's 2-year term ends December 31, 2003.  He nominated Kim Boyer
    to be the next PAMI TC Chair.  This recommendation was affirmed by applause
    from the audience.

8) Directions for future CVPRs (Yiannis Aloimonos)
    Yiannis showed graphs that a large number of the area chairs who serve on
    the program committees for CVPR and ICCV are the same each year.
    Ram Nevatia indicated that the bylaws of CVPR stipulate that about 1/2
    of the committee should change each conference.  David Forsyth moved
    that this information should be conveyed to future conference organizers
    and that it be reviewed again in two years to see if the situation has
    improved.  The motion was seconded.  Yiannis Aloimonos moved that CVPR
    and ICCV institute a rule that a person can serve as an area chair of a
    conference at most 3 times in 5 consecutive years.  This motion was seconded.
    The vote failed.  David Forsyth's motion was then voted on and passed.