TC PAMI Minutes, June 2000

Minutes of the IEEE Computer Society PAMI-TC Meeting of June 13, 2000 at CVPR '00 in Hilton Head, SC

1) Reports on future meetings
   (See for further details)
   a) WACV 2000, 12/4-6/00, Palm Springs, California.
      Paper deadline past.
   b) Human Motion 2000, 12/7-8/00 Austin, Texas.
      Paper deadline 7/17.
      A meeting of the DARPA HumanID PI meeting may be scheduled there.
   c) ICCV 2001, 7/9-12/01 Vancouver, British Columbia.
      Paper deadline 12/4.
      A workshop on Scale Space issues is also scheduled.
   d) CVPR 2001, 12/11-13/01. Kauai, Hawaii.
      Abstract deadline 5/18, paper deadline 5/25.
      Direct flights available from LAX and SFO, ~$500; rooms $125 and up.
      Several innovations are planned:
         1) A separate proceedings for "Technical Sketches", for "systems
            papers, great non-academic ideas, nuggets, non-traditional work"
         2) Short courses for non-experts
         3) Vendor show
         4) Workshops without great overlap with CVPR

2) Reports on past meetings
   a) CVPR 2000
      530 people; $30K in industrial sponsorships, for student scholarships
   b) ICCV 1999
      450 people, plus 400 in workshops
   c) AIPR (29th such meeting)
      After 12 years of SPIE sponsorship, now going back to IEEE
      Most recent theme: imagery from industry-owned satellites

3) Report on the status of Transactions on PAMI
   Submissions up, about 500/year
   Publication queue delay is low, nearly "just in time"; first review
      acceptances now appearing in one year
   Special issues, about one or two a year: in 2000, on: Visual Surveillance
      and Monitoring, Graph Algorithms for Vision, 20th Anniversary.
   Poll of reviewers is being increased, editorial flow is being streamlined
   Several multiple submissions and one plagiarism case have been handled
   Support staff has been centralized and a new person hired
   An electronic manuscript management system has been established
   The shortening of a paper now is considered a major revision and requires
      another review
   After a comprehensive search and approval process by IEEE TC rules, new
      Editor is Rama Chellappa

4) TC Budget
   A small surplus is forecast in 2001 which will be used for student
      scholarships to attend conferences
   Current year budget is in balance

5) Electronic Newsletter
   Only 1000 of 3000 PAMI-TC members' submitted email addresses are valid
   To check or to update, see

6) Theo Pavlidis
   Awarded the K.S.Fu prize from IAPR this year

7) IAPR news
   The IAPR board membership has rotated on a new member
   Several proposals for the venue for ICPR 2004 have been received

8) Technical cooperation request received from VIMS
   International Workshop on Virtual and Intelligent Measurement Systems

9) Data Mining conference co-sponsorship being considered

10) Other workshop proposals
   a) A standalone workshop for 8/11-15/02 is being considered, there being
         no major conference in 02
         To be decided at or before ICCV 2001
   b) ICPR 2002, 8/11-15/02, in Quebec City, Quebec, has an applications track
         for multimedia, biomedical, etc.

11) CVPR 2003
   After discussion, the meeting decided that the Conference Steering
      Committee should encourage and maintain innovations, and should
      "benignly twist arms" to solicit proposals
   The single proposal for CVPR'03 in Madison, Wisconsin, was unanimously
      Accommodations are reasonably priced, and include student dorms
      Some tutorials can be off-site

12) Other business