IEEE Computer Society PAMI Technical Committee Meeting

                   June 17, 1997: 8 p.m. at CVPR97

1. Call to Order.
Meeting called to order, by Kevin Bowyer at 8:07

2. Computer Society information items. Bowyer
Summarized the role of the TC. The IEEE-CS has decided that
in the future TC elections will be handled by mail ballots.
This requires people to take some action to be on the
list that IEEE-CS maintains as members of the TC. In the
future the term will be 2 years with a possible option
to extend to three.

3. Transactions of PAMI information items:
No other TC takes a direct interest in a related transactions.
There has been a "permanent" increase in the page budget for
PAMI. Currently 85-90% of the submissions get the first decision
within 6 months. Printing delay is about three months.

4. Proposal for conference steering committees: Bowyer.
Discussion of the need and membership -- one of the general or
program chairs from the past three conferences. The role would be
to provide memory and guidance for future meetings and to solicit and
encourage proposals for future meetings.

4a. Proposal for a awards committee: Bowyer.
The role is to promote TC members for current IEEE-CS awards
and to create new ones.

5. Report on CVPR97: Medioni/Nevatia.
Roughly 400 registered. Some discussion of the location.

6. Election of the TC chair. Shapiro/Kak/Huang
The nominating committee is composed of the past three chairs.
They drafted Steve Shafer. No other nominations. Passed by
The term will run to the end of 1999 according to the new
schedule from the IEEE-CS.

7. Report on ICCV98: Davis/Ahuja
550 papers have been submitted. The committee meeting is July 11/12,
with notifications soon after that. There will be 6-7 workshops.

Discussion of travel arrangements and cost. Buy tickets from
consolidators. It is high season so hotels will be full, make
reservations early. This brought out the issue that proposals should
have a tentative hotel bid, and the problems with hurricanes that led
to the location of CVPR97 in San Juan.

The discussion closed with support for Larry Davis to do what he must
do to hold the meeting.

8. Report on CVPR98: Goldgof.
The call for papers is out. The web page is up.
On the UCSB campus.

9. Report on CVPR98 Workshops: Flynn.
This came up for discussion since there were a large number of
workshops. Some of the problems for organizers arose because of an
attempt to get the paperwork done earlier. Some workshops are
approaching 100 people. There was one unresolved conflict in workshop
topics which should be settled soon.

10. Report on ICCV99: Tsotsos.
No report. Corfu. Dates still not exact.

11. Proposals for future meetings.


1. Draper/Hanson; Price/Beveridge Fort Collins CO (CSU campus).
100+ rooms in close hotel, 100+ rooms in hotel a bit farther.
1:20 by shuttle to the Denver Airport.

2. Peleg; Anandan/Kriegman Newport RI.
2 Conference hotels are possible, Mariott and Doubletree. HPCC has
been held there recently. 1:30 to Boston Logan Airport.

3. Nayar/Kak; Bajcsy/Aloimonos. Either Hawaii or Kuaui.

The sites were discussed and voting began with Tom Huang assisting
since he had no direct interest in any of the locations.

First vote: #1: 30; #2:34; #3:22
Second vote: #1:50; #2:40

Fort Collins was selected.

WACV98: Is there any proposal. Kevin Bowyer will make sure there is

12. PAMI TC representation within IAPR: Haralick.
Some history of PRIP into CVPR with PR mostly absent today. PR does
not have a meeting. IAPR (which runs ICPR) has US representation from
the PAMI-TC, but not enough PR participation in the TC. The proposal
is to create a sub-committee within the PAMI-TC on Pattern Recognition
to promote PR specific meetings (probably the first workshop at
CVPR99) to increase participation and provide a base of support from
the US for IAPR.  Proposal carried.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35.