IEEE Computer Society PAMI Technical Committee Meeting

                   June 20, 1995: 8 p.m. at ICCV95
                     Kresge Little Theater, M.I.T

                        AGENDA: Version 4.0

Meeting called to order, by Linda Shapiro at 8:10

I. Announcements:

1. Membership Results:  R. Krishnan / L. Shapiro
400 people on the conference lists that were not on the TC list were contacted
regarding membership. It is now possible to join through
the PAMI-TC home page.  Current membership is 1224, US 864, foreign 360.

2. 1995 Budget: L. Shapiro.  The current budget is about $14.8K for 1996 $15K
was requested. The allocation is 1/3 of the conference surplus plus some more
if requested.

3. PAMI Page in Computer Magazine: L. Shapiro
IEEE Computer will feature 1 or 2 TCs each issue.  PAMI will appear in
November or December with a deadline of September for the finished

II. Award Presentation. Joseph Boykin (IEEE CS VP for CS-Press) presented
the Harry Goode award to Azriel Rosenfeld in recogniition of an
outstanding contribution to the information processing field for fundamental
contributions to the fields of pattern recognition, image processing,
and computer vision.

The Harry Goode Award was created by AFIPS in 1964 and in 1990 when
AFIPS dissolved, the IEEE-Computer Society assumed responsibility
for the award. The award is given at most once a year, past recipients include
Allen Newell, Larry Roberts, King-Sun Fu.

III. Reports:

1. ICCV95: Eric Grimson. 600 submissions with about 450 arriving
on a single day.  Each was sent to 3 reviewers, a subcommittee of
12 met to make the final decisions.  The final selection gave
160 papers.  One issue to think about is the single track, which would
allow for about 70-80 papers, or the posters which results in about
50 presentations and 100 posters.

The conference has (currently) about 250 students, 230-250 members,
and 100 members (around 600 registered so far).  From 24 countries and
4 continents.

Issues with the computer society.  Initially they wanted to budget
this meeting at 250 Eric wanted 450 and the CS finally did allow 350.
And the problem of getting more than the original 550 copies
of the proceedings, Eric was told that any more would cost
the sales price ($95 for members, $190 for non-members).
We need better information on attendence and conference budget

2. Non-rigid Motion Workshop. Jake Agarwal. Held last October.
60 attended and resulted in a small surplus.

3. PAMI Journal. Kasturi. So far in 1995, there are 220 submissions.
There are about 1290 pages in the volume this year, or roughly 100 papers.
Pages will remain constant over the near term.
The goal is 6/12/18 (6 months for the first review, 12 months for the
decision, 18 months for publication).  The 6 months is mostly being met,
the 18 is not.  The current paper backlog for publication is 114 (about
10 issues).  This accounts for some of the requests to shorten the
original paper.  There is some support for topical survey papers --
extra money for editing production, but not more pages.  In January
the production of all transactions was shifted from NJ (IEEE) to CA
(CS-Press), which has helped publication.  There is a CS committee
looking into electronic versions. Library subscribers will get a
CD-ROM version and a bound version at the end of each year.  Generally
transactions subscriptions are down around 10% each of the last
2 year, PAMI is down about 7%.

IV. Meeting Announcements/Approvals:

1. International Symposium on Computer Vision
   D. Goldgof, G. Medioni, S. Negahdaripur, T. Huang (Nov 1995)
210 papers were submitted, expect about 40%-60%.  This meeting
introduced submissions in final form.  This reduced greatly the
amount of paper the program chair needs to handle and mail out.
For future meeting, if this is done, consider offering an extra
page (with the provision that the excess page charge will be paid
if accepted). After decisions are made, there will be about 7-10 days
for possible changes.
See the Web page.

Question regarding the dates (M-W before Thanksgiving), Gerard is
investigating moving it back 1 day (end on Tuesday, Noon).

2. CVPR96: K. Ikeuchi, B. Bhanu, C. Dyer
   June 1996, San Francisco.
The call for papers is out.  There are 4 days before and 4 days after
that are available for tutorials and/or workshops.
The room rates will be $145.
Discussion of the hotel costs, and possible dorm accomodations, and
a list of available lower cost nearby hotels.
Eric noted that half of the 600 registered were in the dorm at MIT.

3. CVPR97: R. Nevatia
   June 1997, St. Thomas.
Concerns regarding the cost were addressed. The hotel is $120 in 1997
(less than Seattle, Boston, San Francisco). Dorm space is an issue, but
there are cheaper nearby hotels.  Meal costs are a larger issue -- no
real alternative places to eat, but the hotel may be able to work
out a cheaper meal alternative.  Airfare is $400-500 (with no Saturday
restrictions) from the East Coast.  Access is through Miami or San Juan.

4. 3rd CAD-Based Vision Workshop
   O. Camps, P. Flynn, G. Stockman (June 1996).
This follows the successful workshop in Maui (CVPR 91) and
in 1994. Planned for June 20-21 (after CVPR) 1996, with a
mid-December submission deadline.

V. Issues for Discussion:

2. Electronic Newsletter: D. Goldgof
There is now a postscript version of the last 2 issues. If there is
interest, can convert it to HTML. A discussion regarding paper or
on-line versions or both.
Herb Freeman indicated that it is very important to have a newsletter,
but it should be NEWS, even if it is only 2 pages and important that
it comes to you.
We will allow members to request a no paper option.

3. IAPR Delgates
The TC is the US member group of IAPR with currently 4 delegates
(Bob Haralick, Jake Aggarwal, T. Huang and Jack Sklansky). The proposal
is that the TC chair be a permanant delegate.
Discussion: the TC chair appoints all delegates, with nominal renewal every
2 years (the delegates meet once every 2 years at ICPR).
Motion (TC chair is one of the delegates) carried, no opposition.

4. Proceedings Packages for TC Members
CS is discussing a proceedings package for TC members (at low
prices), e.g. one package is CVPR, another is CVPR+xxx, etc.
No action on our part.

5. ICCV '97 location

   a. Beijing proposal: Ma, Huang, Faugeras, Ohta, A. Jain;
Visa problems have been reduced from the ICPR attempt. Beijing has a number
of conference facilities, each with a range of hotels from $25-$100.
September is the best season.  Airfares are around $1000. (US or Europe)

   b. Tel Aviv proposal: Yeshurun, Shashua, Weinshall, Edelman;
Hotels run around $100 on the sea front. Proposal was June, but that
is a conflict and will be shifted.

   c. Singapore proposal: Mital, Aggarwal,  Ullman, Kittler
Rooms range from $15-$150, with the University connections. ACCV (Asian
conference) is in Singapore in 1995 and probably in Korea in 1997.
The rainy season is December/January, otherwise there is no difference
in weather.  Airfares are about $800-900 from London, and $1000 from
the US (NY or LA).

   d. India proposal: Ahuja
Bombay, mid-December.  In association with other meetings in Bombay,
Banglore, and Delhi

India selected after 2 rounds of voting.  India led after the first round.
Final: India 55. Beijing 27.

7. ICCV '99 location

   a. Annecy, France (near Grenoble) proposal: Mohr, Horaud, Crowley

   b. Corfu, Greece proposal: Tsotsos, Zucker, Blake

There was discussion that this should be deferred. The deferral
motion carried.

[Later, after the proposers stated that December 1997 would be
too late for them to arrange locations, there will be a meeting
on Thursday to consider the proposals.]

8. ICCV Single Track? E. Grimson. Eric raised the issue of how many
papers this allowed, but there was still strong support for the
single track.

9. Double Submissions (CVPR, ICCV, etc).  Little discussion, except that
the policy in 1994 did not work. (Indicate it was submitted to
both, CVPR received accepted ECCV titles.)

VI. Election of the TC Chair
Kevin Boywer elected chair.

10. The PAMI Society: A. Kak
Avi started the discussion by presenting the basic issues:
(And said the chance of this happening is very low)

We are almost a society now, the intellectual center is not
solely the Computer Society, Active group with several conferences
and workshops, it is time to grow beyond a TC after 22 years,
CS overhead.

Sizes PAMI currently 1200 (with no dues), R&A is 7000, CS is 100K.
Presented his petition, circulated on Wednesday and Thursday.

Strong discussion.  Joseph Boykin attended to present the Goode award
and was invited to respond.
Issues raised were Technical Council (a bit more freedom than
a Technical Committee). Software Engineering became a TCouncil, with
9-10K members.

The conference fees (which were considered
too high) are based on a formula. For the computer area as a whole,
the conference numbers are decreasing so the CS requires budgeting
at a lower level.
Boykin stated that the CS policy was that proceedings would be
provided at cost (rather than sales prices) if they were available.
No explaination of why Eric was told otherwise.
The CS has a paid staff of about 90 (most in publications areas),
with 100K members, about 150 core volunteers, and 10-15K other

Even though publications are separate from the TCs it may be possible
to fund additional pages in a transactions from a conference.