PAMI TC Meeting

The agenda so far for the June PAMI Technical Committee Meeting
is as follows. Please send additional agenda items to Linda Shapiro,

                        PAMI TC MEETING

                         June 21, 1994


7:00 Linda Shapiro Chair.


1. Membership Drive: L. Shapiro / R. Krishnan
Discussion of mailing list form of membership database, signup,
We are now maintaining our own list

2. 1994 Budget: L. Shapiro
Budget is larger this year, this year is larger because of meeting
surplus.  A large part is newsletters, but the editor was
conference chair and it fell behind.  Some discussion of the budget
($14,700), membership promotion, newsletter, students, travel (to
TAB) other (Image database -- Mosaic).  Steve Shafer:CV home page
at CMU (one of the 10 highest at CMU 500 per week -- send mail to
Steve Shafer at CMU).

Q: Membership size (current 800), add this time 200 people.  CS
does a 5 year annual purge (or some such).


1. CVPR94: K. Bowyer.
CVPR money: $325.
Program Comm: 40; Office 22, Advance program 22, call for papers
15, proceedings 32, final program 10, anudi/visual 5, Keynotes 10,
registration 15, CS Admin 24, Contigeny 17, Treasureer and bank 5,
Breaks 40, Reception 20, Banquet 45, Misc 6.

372 in NYC)
383 paid.  Students 150 (In future look at these totals).
IEEE does build in a cushion, so be careful and plan for this.

2. 2nd Document Analysis and Recognitin Conference: R. Haralick
Held in Tskuba Japan this fall, over 260 papers, 20 were long 124
short, 400 attended.  Document analysis is fast moving and growing

Issues for Discussion:

1. The PAMI Society: S. Shafer
Report on should we form a society.  Issues from last year: PAMI
pages, money, awards, etc.  So, could we do anything to improve
this. So state our goal and discuss the structure:
From: Continue, negotiate changes, jump ship, or beome society,
leave IEEE.  All of these involve doing a lot of work, and there is
not a lot of people that will devote the time and effort to do the
Q: Last year, IEEE puts great restricctions on meetings and PAMI
makes money can we get any? No.  Journals have nothing to do with
the TCs.  Other journals in CS are less related others are
multiple.  Robotics came from several societies rather than CS.
Q: Limits on PAMI pages? Really come from total subscriptions.
The budget allows us to ask for more money (in addition to the
Q: Re IEEE sponsored vs private journal?  PAMI 10K copies, no other
one is at 1K.  Advantage is wide circulation because of being
within IEEE, and the low cost.  Private publishers are happy to
publish 300 library copies.  Profit from PAMI is 300K goes to
support other meetings.  CVPR generates maybe 10K surplus.  Today
there are not the other conferences that make tons of money.

Service awards: We have given them, but we haven't done it lately
and we should do that.  Also people to nominate IEEE Fellows.
These go with regular newsletter.

Comment: (Freeman) Point missed, did this group want to have an
organization itself.  At the moment it is not clear that we do not
really want to have one.  (Steve) At the moment we do not have the
pressures to drive it.
Avi: Currently IEEE CS takes too much money and we do not get much
in return, but it requires a lot of work for the people doing it.
Steve: If there are enough people who feel that we should look at
it more, the inform Steve.
Ram: Not sure we have the critical mass to become a society, most
of  us want to to be with IEEE, to have low cost journal.  Maybe
Robotics and Automation is better now than CS.
Eric G: Herb hit the issue, control over our fate in addition to
the funding.  Sould we investigate further?
Steve: afraid that the number that would commit to the time is low.
Linda: We do use some of the pieces, do we want to provide the
servies and time.
Avi: R and A runs a big one without the support (but only that one).
Bir: We should look at forming a PAMI society.
Steve: Discuss last year's proposal that we should reconsider
Avi: That we should send a petition to IEEE to form the new

Chants: AVI AVI AVI AVI ...

Avi: Will draft a petition tonight for sending to IEEE.
Steve: R&A really was formed by the efforts of one person.
E.g. Finiancial management.
Patrick: How things have changed? Year ago budget was $4K, now
bigger and have some of what we want.  Current relationship is
better than past.
Eric: We have a larger budget because we made money on CVPR.
Steve: Partly surplus and asking for more.
Linda: Not sure what to spend the money on, hard to get the people
to spend the money on.
Bir: Others spend on student scholarships.

Eric: Move Avi's suggestion:
Establish a committee (Avi) to
Draft a petitiion (and signed by over 100 people) to IEEE that we
be a separate society under IEEE.
Second: Eric.
Passed with 1 opposed.

Critical Mass for a society.  Dues enough to cover expenses/.

2. An Electronic Newsletter: K. Price

3. CVPR 97. R Nevatia.  Discussing 1997 seems early.
You remember the Hawaii meeting and we could consider some resort
after 5 meetings in cities (well Champaign-Urbana).  Several things
to consider Hawaii, but the east coast is the right cycle.  Two
choices to consider are US Virgin Islands and Cancun (Mexico)
(which is cheaper to stay and get to).  Puerto Rico? (St Thomas is
more attractive than San Juan).
Mention: Key West is cheaper (Miami)?
Feel for support (interest):
St Thomas: 28.
Cancun: few.
Hawaii: 28. (similar support to St Thomas).
Formal motion that CVPR 97 that the USC group is is willing to do
the work (Huttenlocher/Ponce).
Admendment that the dates will be held until until Boston in 95.

Discussion on dates of ICCV/CVPR and conflicts

Meeting Announcements/Approvals:

1. International Workshop on Face Recognition: T. Huang.
   Fall 1995, Zurich
Steering Committee: TSHuang, APentland, PStucki, sponsored by
Univ of Zurich with PAMI TC as cooperate.
Q: Why just face recognition? Want to keep it small so just
recognition not diluted by others.  But expression may enter in.
Final information in 2-3 months.

2. International Workshop on Graphics Recognition: R. Kasturi
   August 1995, Penn State.
End of August.  Really means: Document reognition.  Calls for
papers are available at CVPR.  Mandate related to ICDR, but in the
week before.  Finiancial Responsibility with ICPR, this is an

3. Workshop on Context based Vision: J Mundy and T Strat June 1995
(Joe) Roughly speaking, the use of information not involved with
the internals of algorithm.  Function, Language, Scenarios,
Sporting Activities etc. are the types of ideas.  Also tied to ARPA
Radius where context is used.  Time Tied to ICCV.
Q: Some distinguished between context and domain speific (ie
something changes)?  We don't distinguish, but take both.
Q: Who takes the finiancial risk? Hope proeedings from IEEE, up
front money from various sources (Martin Marietta).
Q: Motion can lead to many papers? Still struggling over how to get
the correct definition of Context.

4. Third International Conference on Document Analysis and
   (ICDAR '95): C. Y. Suen
   August 1995

5. Fourth International Conference of Document Analysis and
Recognition J Shurmann (R Haralick).
Run by ICPR.  Discussion of the 4th.  1996 in Germany, with various
visce chairs from different countries.

6. ICCV95: E. Grimson
June 20-23 at MIT.  Paper deadline Nov 15 1994 -- really.  Program
committee of 50 people.  Try to add other workshops around ICCV, if
you want other workshops get the ideas in.  Some supported by the
meeting and others.  Physically at MIT.  For the A/V facilities for
sutdents ($34/night).

7. Shape and Pattern Matching in Computational Biology Workshop:
A. Califano (Motion to make annual)
This is not Jurassic Park.  Yesterday the first on was held.  Fully
covered the cost. The prposal is to have another on next year (CVPR
Explore why the problems have an overlap.
Passed with 2 opposed.  Uncountable was for.

8. Workshop on Computer Vision (Visual Motion): D. Goldgof, G.
Medioni, S Negahdaripur (November 1995, Miami MTW before
In 1995 there is only 1 major conference, so proposed to have a CV
workshop.  IROS is being held in pittsburgh in August (not much
overlap).  There will be a motion track, expect to have 2 tracks
(there is a motion workshop with it).  The paper deadline is June
1, results by Middle of September.  Innovation is that the
submission is in the Final form -- 6 pages in final form and only 6
pages in final form.  This reduces the lag time and controls the
content. T Huang General Chair.  Negahdaripur local.
Goldgof/Medioni program chair. (PC about 30 people).

9. CVPR96: K Ikeuchi and B Bhanu, June 1996, San Francisco
Week of June 16 Hotel Nikko.  (Not signed yet, but that is the
plan).  As always, encourage associated workshops like this one.
C Dyer/Ikeuchi program chair, Bhanu as general chair.

Adjourn 8:55PM.