Minutes of the IEEE PAMI TC Meeting

June 16, 1992
Champaign, Ill -- CVPR92

Meeting called to order at 9:10PM.  79 members signed in.

Agenda Item #1: CVPR92, Narendra Ahuja.  There were 357 submissions,
with the standard blind reviewing process.  28 of the 43 committee
members attended the selection meeting.  The final total was 89 papers
and 70 posters.  The submission included a summary page to aid the
reviewers, but it is not clear is it helped.  [Comment on double blind
abstracting.]  Posters are at "Prime" times with a long break for the
poster session on each day.

So far, there are 316 pre registered and 53 walk-ins (369).  An
unknown number of these are students.  The  original budget projection
was for 260.  Posters were increased to 3 pages in the proceedings.  A
discussion of worry and how to deal with overlap of other conferences
(ECCV, ICPR), a difficulty in determining what is different.  Some
equivalent papers were rejected on the grounds of prior conference

Thanks given to N. Ahuja, T. Huang and A. Rosenfeld for their work on
the conference.

Agenda Item #2: CVPR93, Ruud Bolle.  The hotel contract has been
signed (Omni Park Central, NYC), the rates will be a bit higher than
Champaign ($109 per night).  The call for papers is on the CVPR92
program, it requires a comment on other submissions.  The program
committee is being assembled and will meet at the University of
Maryland in January.  Rather than the entire committee (due to the
size necessitated by the number of papers) meeting for all papers, sub
groups will go over papers in more detail.  The review form is
expanded and changed a little.  Student housing is at Columbia

Agenda Item #3: CVPR94, Linda Shapiro.  The plans continue with the
chairs approved last year.  The Seattle Westin Hotel has been
selected.  The cost is about the same as NYC.  The banquet location
has been selected.  Dates: June 20-24, 1994.

Agenda Item #3a: Morphology workshop, Ed Delp.  Was going to be this
fall, but will be March 1993 in Nashville. Vanderbilt (A. Peters) will
do local arrangements.

Agenda Item #3b: Ramesh Jain was awarded his certificate for
<b>Fellow of the IEEE</b> by Tom Huang.

Agenda Item #4: ICCV-93.  The call for papers was available at CVPR.
May 11-13, 1993 Berlin.

Several related items were then discussed:

Policy on Multiple submissions, should there be one, is there one, how
can you tell if it is different (e.g. if it requires effort to
determine, then the papers are different), can we trust the authors.

Motion: (W.E.L. Grimson) -- It is the responsibility of the program
committee to ask authors if they have an overlap in their
submissions and then to request that they withdraw the paper from one
or the other conference.

Discussion centered on determining differences, who is responsible for
what, and how relevant the issue is in the first place.
Passed: (Overwhelming, no exact count taken).

After more discussion about whether it is right or wrong to submit to
multiple conferences, a motion: (Tom Binford): The the policy of CVPR
is that any papers submitted to both conferences (i.e. CVPR and ICCV)
with substantially the same material by rejected automatically.

Discussion centered on how such a policy would be distributed since
the call for papers is already out, what it real means, how much
control the program committee should have, whether it would lead to
more cheating by not stating that the paper is the same, that the
current call includes a requirement for stating the differences
between the CVPR submission and other submissions, and the general
requirement for new unpublished work already stated in the call for
Motion failed: Yes 30, No 42.

Further discussion included why the meeting was scheduled so close to
the same time, which brought up the usual long discussed issues of
scheduling and the problems of multiple conferences in the same year
whether one month or 6 months apart, travel to major conferences
during the university school year, and the attempt to make sure that
there is an annual conference in roughly late June in the US (or North
America) even if ICCV is held and to get ICCV on a regular stable

Agenda Item #4a: ICCV 95.  As the by-laws do not allow deciding
international issues at a national meeting, it was pointed out that the
ICCV95 location will be decided at ICCV93 in Berlin in May and that
a North American location should be presented at that time.  There was
some discussion of a West Coast location, with no other suggestions at
that time.

Agenda Item #5: Qualitative Vision Workshop: Phil Kahn.  In
conjunction with CVPR93 (Sunday/Monday).  This is a follow up to a
successful meeting at AAAI-90.  Passed with no opposition.

Agenda Item #6: CAD Based Vision, K. Ikeuchi.  Roughly the fall of
1993, in Pittsburgh.  Passed, no opposition.

Agenda Item #7: TC Budget and IEEE-CS rules: A Kak.  The budget
between 1991 and 1992 was cut 40% due to the new formula that ties the
budget to last year's surplus (35%) in conferences.  We thus need to
pay attention to the workshop and conference budgets.  This also
raised the issue of the $1500 dues we pay to IAPR and the cost of
mailing the IAPR newsletter to the membership list (whatever that is).
 At this point a comment about the Agenda of the meeting being a
Mobius Strip.

Agenda Item #8: PAMI Transactions, Anil Jain.  12 issues, 1300 pages,
20 associate editors, about 10,000 copies of each issue, $24/year for
IEEE-CS members.  The first review is usually in <6 months with some
in <3 months.  A citation analysis and impact report (by IEEE for all
publications) showed that PAMI was the highest of all Transactions.
Future special issues on Probabilistic Reasoning, Integration of
Vision and Graphics, Learning in Computer Vision.  There are new
transactions on Image Processing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems.  The
submissions number about 450/year and get 3 reviews.

Discussions on Image data base, cam PAMI do anything (i.e. add the
images used in papers to a data base), when to add since the student
is gone by the time the paper is published and the professor does not
know where the images are.  Phil Kahn (ADS and the net news vision
list) volunteered the vision list archive with anonymous FTP from
ftp.ads.com for access (there are some images already available from
that site).

A question regarding the weighting down of some reviewers since they
get papers from each of the 20 associate editors -- some effort to
keep other editors informed of the use of reviewers.

IEEE-CS generates about $300,000 from the Trans-PAMI (due to most of
the cost being covered by the package and library rates).

Robotics and Automation Society left the Computer Society and has 4-5K

Agenda Item #9: The PAMI Newsletter, A. Rosenfeld.  (Continuation of
discussion from item 7.)  It is sent mostly due to the IAPR membership
requirement, but sent to a strange list.  An electronic list was
generated and only had 130 names, but each issue loses more names than
are added.  We currently claim >1000 members for the IAPR which gives
the US 4 members on the board.  Then the discussion started of what
fewer members would mean (lower dues, fewer IAPR members).

Motion: (Tom Binford) That IEEE-PAMI-TC withdraw from IAPR.  After
discussion, it was withdrawn by the maker.
Discussion centered on offending others (Europe, the US not attending
CVPR), the breadth of PAMI, the relation of CVPR to IAPR and ICPR.

Motion: (Ram Nevatia) That we reccommend to IAPR that the US not be
bound to mail the newsletter to its members.  After discussion
withdrawn by its maker.
Discussion centered on how it would be interpreted, the
possiblity that IAPR would kick the US out anyway, and that IAPR might
mail the newsletter directly to the US membership list (whatever that

Meeting adjourned at 11:03.