Minutes of the IEEE PAMI TC Meeting

June 4, 1991
Maui Hawaii, MI

Meeting called to order at 8:36PM.  41 members signed in.

Agenda item #1: The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Agenda item #2: CVPR91: Current registration at about 290.
There were 491 papers submitted, 2 reviewers for each paper with at
least one from the program committee.   In the January Program Committee
meeting, if both reviews gave a 4 or above, the paper was accepted.  If
both were below 2, it was rejected.  The remaining 350 papers were
discussed and a possible third review was done (20 to each member over 1
night).  98 papers and 45 posters.  22 committee members were at the LA

Notes for future committees and comments:
Have email addresses for authors.  Inform authors of the rules, etc. for
posters.  A discussion on the roe of posters.  Joe Mundy asked the
meeting to recognize the efforts of Gerard Medioni and S. Negahdaripour.
Howard Moraff (NSF) asked to maintain the high standards in the process.

Agenda item #3: CAD-Based Vision June 2-3: (Linda Shapiro) 69 were
registered, 18 or 30 submissions were accepted.

Agenda item #4: Document Processing Workshop, September 30: (Bob
Haralick) It has become the First International Conference on Document
Anaysis.  Character recognition, engineering drawings, and music are the

Agenda item #5: Motion Workshop (October 7-9) (P. Anandan): 125 papers
were submitted and 3 reviewers will be used.  About 35 are expected.
Notification will be June 17.  The conference generated a motion
database (7-10 sequences) and plans special sessions for experimental
results only
(for presented and other papers).  There will be an associated Passive
Ranging workshop (Bir Bhanu) on October 9 with 9 presentations, then 4
viewpoint papers and a panel session.

Agenda item #6: Workshop on Mathematical Morphology (Spring, Kentucky):
(Bob Haralick)

Agenda item #7: ICPR 1992: (Herb Freeman)  1990 ICPR had a surplus with
618 registered.  The 1992 submission is a 2500 word abstract and will
follow the same 4 tracks as 1990.  August, The Hague.

Agenda item #8: CVPR 1992, June 15-20, Urbana IL. (N. Ahuja):
Considering a workshop on Purposive Vision (Aloimonos and Rosenfeld).
Physics based vision (Shafer).  There is space for 3 tracks.

Comments: (J Mundy) Reminded that some past meetings with weak reviews
were poorly considered.  (T. Binford) Quality is shown by innovation and
rejection ratio.  (T. Boult) Posters could be submitted as posters.
(L. Shapiro) Posters as not quite yet done and submitted as posters.
Comments were duly noted by the organizers.

Agenda item #9: ICCV93: Berlin (May?): Date not certain (partly due to
desire not to conflict with CVPR93).

Agenda item #10: CVPR93 Proposals and discussion:
K. Bowyer and D. Goldgof (S. Tanimoto and L. Shapiro program chairs)
proposed Tampa for June 1993.
 R Bolle and
J. Aloimonos (J. Aggarwal chair) proposed the NorthEast with industry
support (e.g. IBM).
A plan for Pennsylvania in 1994 was mentioned, and T. Henderson proposed
Utah.  A discussion followed:

Motion:  (Bill Thompson) That CVPR be held in the second half of June.
(due to conflicts with schools on the quarter system).
Passed: Yes: 28, No: 0.

Motion: (Bill Thompson, seconded K. Bowyer) To choose between Seattle
1993 (see Tampa proposal above) and North East (NY area) 1993.
First count: Seattle: 22.  NY: 22.
Second count: Seattle: 23.  NY: 24.

Motion: (Linda Shapiro) To select NY in 1993 and Seattle in 1994 with
the chairs as indicated above.
Carried by acclimation.

Agenda item #11: Workshop on Computer Vision Applications: December 2-4,
1992.  (Bir Bhanu)  Program committee of D. Dyer and M. Herman, J.
Mundy, T. Strat, C. Thorpe, H. Freeman, Ikeuchi.  (Still in planning,
etc.)  A balance of Industry, government and universities.  Discussion
centered on the need for more industrial involvement, and on the
balance.  (Gerson commented on AIPR, heavily industrial.)  Discussion
on how balanced and the importance to IEEE.
Passed: Yes: 35, No: 0.

Agenda item #11a: Performance Characterization of Vision Algorithms
(Mulkagnar and Haralick), With the above meeting.  1-2 days, some
papers, and working groups to consider issues.
Passed: Yes: 22, No: 0.

Agenda item #12: Newsletter. None.

Agenda item #13: Transactions on PAMI: (A. K. Jain)  Took over in
January 1991, added new editors (16 associate editors) to reduce the
review time.  Spring 1992 issue on Computer Vision and Computer
Graphics, Probabilistic Reasoning.  Currently about 1 paper per day.  Of
the 3 reviews, 2 come quickly, the third takes time.

Agenda item #14: Transactions on Image Processing, (A. K. Jain)  The
Processing Society (Dave Munson) approached the Computer Society about a
new Transactions on Image Processing (ASSP has changed its name to
Signal Processing).  The Computer Society Board opposed the T-IP
proposal due to the large overlap with PAMI.  Al Bovik commented that
T-SP is increasing the Image Processing editors to 4.

Agenda item #15: New Chair:  T. Huang's term ends July 30.  A committee
of A. Rosenfeld, H. Freeman, E. Riseman, J. Aggarwal nominated A. Kak
(who is willing).  Moved and seconded, unanimous.
Herb Freeman expressed thanks to T. Huang for his service.

Agenda item #16: New Business: Bobick discussed the Optical Society of
America, (Lasers and Human Vision).

J. Mundy discussed 2 projects in a Common IU environment sponsored by
DARPA: RCDE for aerial images and IUE (an advanced RCDE).  Asked for
input from the PAMI community.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35PM