Minutes of the IEEE PAMI TC Meeting

June 6, 1988
Ann Arbor, MI

Agenda item #0: The minutes of the last meeting were approved
with changes.

Agenda item #1: CVPR88 (R. Jain): About 350 at the
conference, upstairs rooms are HOT.  (L. Davis): about 270
papers submitted, 2 program committee reviewers, L. Davis, R. Jain and
J. Mundy met to make final decisions, about 1/2 accepted.  The top 4
were sent out for determining the Roberts award.  There was also some
discussion of the distribution by the Computer Society of the call for
papers and other material.

Agenda item #2: ICPR 88 (H. Freeman): Moved to Rome Italy (starting
November 14) after problems arose
with China.  H. Freeman discussed the organizing problems.  About 680
papers submitted from 26 countries, 270 from
China, 230 accepted + 110 posters + 15 invited papers (40 from China).

Agenda item #3: AIPR88: Scheduled for the Cosmos Club in DC, but cannot
be held there under IEEE-CS.  It is now sponsored by SPIE and the Cosmos
Club is going to vote as to admitting women as members.

Agenda item #4: ICCV88 (A. Rosenfeld):  A large number of
reviewers are used (more than the committee) for 311 papers, 197 US, 23
etc. (from 20 countires).  The pattern is similar to ICCV87.  Sent to 3
reviewers with blind reviewing.  A July 11 meeting will finalize the
program.  There is a possible Human-Computer Vision workshop on the
fourth day.

Agenda item #5: Motion Workshop (R. Jain): The paper deadline
is July 15, and the workshop on March 20-22 in Irvine, CA.

Agenda item #6: CVPR89 (R. Chellappa): At the Sheraton Grand
in San Diego, June 6-8 with an AI and Computer vision Workshop (J.
Aggarwal and A. Rosenfeld) on June 5.  The program committee has 20
members and expects to do blind reviews.

Agenda item #7: CAIA (R. Haralick): CAIA is now run at the
Computer Society level rather than the PAMI-TC level.  CAIA-89 may have
workshops on manufacturing and intelligent robotics.  This led to a
discussion of the lack of "AI" in PAMI, AI related conferences, name
changes, control of conferences, and possible TAB actions regarding the

Agenda item #8: PAMI Newsletter (A. Rosenfeld): It took 3 years to get
the agreement that the newsletter would go to all PAMI subscribers, but
the most recent newsletter did not.

Agenda item #9: J. Aggarwal discussed the need for several officers.
Motion by B. Haralick for an Awards committee to consider IEEE Fellows
nominations and other awards.  Passed.
The issue of a treasurer was discussed in light of the possibility to
retain more conference income, but decisions were postponed until the
By-laws discussion.

Agenda item #10: Transactions on PAMI (S. Tanimoto): At the Publications
Board meeting (next week) will propose that PAMI go to 12 issues and
1300+ pages per year (from 6 and about 850).  The backlog is 85 papers,
with 1/3 of this past year taken by industrial vision special issues
causing some of the backlog.  There
was a discussion of the net surplus from the transactions and the need
for reviewers to do their reviews.

Motion by A. Rosenfeld (W. Martin second) to consider Item #13 next.
Passed: Yes:22, No:0, Abstain:6.

Agenda item #13: Conference guidelines (R. Haralick): Discussion of the
proposal to have guidelines for major conferences, including the nature,
need, and scope of the guidelines, the layers of management for
conferences, whether the TC should dictate conference format, and how to
convey the intent of the TC to the program committee.
Motion: (By T. Pavlidis) That regularly held meeting have a large
program committee, with a small intersection with the previous year, and
that a reasonable fraction of the committee meet to decide on the
program.  Passed: Yes:22, No:4, Abstain:3.

Agenda item #11: ICCV (J. Aggarwal): Discussion of the need to hold such
a meeting (concentrating on the intended difference between ICCV and
CVPR), possible locations
possible dates, co-chairs, and possible program committee members.
Motion: That E. Riseman and R. Haralick study holding ICCV3 in Japan in
the fall of 1990 with someone from Japan as a co-chair, and add 7 more
to the possible program committee list.
Passed with 1 abstention.

Agenda item #12: Proposed Bylaws, postponed to the meeting at ICCV2, with
changes based on discussions at this meeting (with regard to conference
guidelines and other TC officers).  Send any comments to E. Kent.