Welcome to the July 2010 Edition of the PAMI-TC monthly mailing.

This month's topics include:

1. Minutes of PAMI-TC Meeting at CVPR 2010
2. Expressions of interest to organize S+SSPR 2012

Minutes of PAMI-TC Meeting at CVPR 2010
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1. Meeting called to order at 12:15pm
2. Approval of agenda
3. Report from last meeting at ICCV 2009 (Japan)
    a. Program chairs and general chairs of all major PAMI TC conferences
       cannot submit papers to that conference the year in which they are
       i. Passed at CVPR 2009 and ICCV 2009
    b. ICCV 2013 will be in Australia (Richard Hartley, Kyros Kutolakos,
       Steve Seitz, Phil Torr)
    c. Motion passed that ICCV 2015 will be in the Americas
4. PAMI TC update of officers and committees
    a. PAMI-TC Officers
       i. Chair: Sudeep Sarkar, Vice-chair: Bryan Morse, BYU, Web:
          Song Wang, University of South Carolina, Communication:
          Walter Scheirer, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs,
          Finance: Antonio Robles-Kelly, National ICT Australia
    b. PAMI-TC Steering Committee: Terry Boult, Kim Boyer, Rama Chellappa,
       Chuck Dyer, Rangachar Kasturi, David Kriegman, Gerard Medioni.
    c. PAMI-TC Conference Committee: Larry Davis, Dan Huttenlocher,
       Jitendra Malik, Gerard Medioni, Baba Vemuri, Ramin Zabih, and
       PAMI-TC Chair and Co-chairs as ex-officio members.
    d. IAPR representatives from the US: Kim Boyer, Anil Jain, Larry
       O'Gorman and PAMI-TC Chair
5. PAMI-TC budget was shared. Based on the new formula of 50% of
    conference surplus from 2008 + 3.5% of expenses, the total TC budget
    for 2010 was $62,300. The major expenses were student travel grants
    at CVPR doctoral consortium, lunch during PAMI-TC meeting, and page
    charge support to clear T-PAMI print backlog.
6. CVPR 2010 report: Best paper awards were annouced.
7. Updates were provided on PAMI-TC sponsored conference
    a. Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition, http://www.aipr-workshop.org/
    b. Winter Vision Meetings, wacv2011.org
    c. Face and Gesture, http://www.fg2011.org/
    d. International Conference on Computational Photography,
    e. CVPR 2011, http://cvpr2011.org/
    f. ICCV 2011, http://www.iccv2011.org/
    g. CVPR 2012
8. The following motion regarding the conference bidding process was
    a. Future major conference bids will be due at least one month
       before the PAMI-TC meeting where they will be voted upon. No
       bids, including floor bids, will be accepted after the due date.
       If no bids are received by due date, the PAMI-TC Conference
       Committee will constitute a bid that will be voted upon at the TC
       meeting.  If only one bid is received by due date, the conference
       committee has the discretion to put together an alternate bid.
9. There was one bid for CVPR 2013 that was put together by the PAMI-TC
    Conference Committee, upon the request of the PAMI-TC Chair
    a. CVPR 2013 team will be Gerard Medioni and Ramin Zabih as General
       Chairs, and the program chairs will be Martial Hebert, Bill
       Freeman, Richard Szeliski, and Greg Hager
    b. There were concerns expressed regarding the lack of adequate
       representation of women and minority, and geographic diversity on
       conference organization teams.  The core team was advised to take
       this into account when constituting the rest of the team.
10. Pulse of the TC. There were some informal show of hands were taken
     to judge the pulse of the TC opinion. These were not formal motions.
     a. There was not much support to separate the venue decision from
        the organizing team selection during the conference bidding
     b. There was broad support for the 2 minute poster highlight section
        of the program.
     c. There was divided support for night poster session with dinner.
11. Ramin Zabih provided an update of the state of T-PAMI.
12. Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm
2. Expressions of interest to organize S+SSPR 2012 (forwarded from IAPR)

Although the submission deadline has only just past for S+SSPR 2010, it
is time to think ahead to S+SSPR 2012.

The meeting is traditionally held in the week preceding ICPR at a
location that is convenient for easy transportation between the two
meetings. To give some examples, the locations for the recent meetings
have been

2010 ICPR Istanbul - S+SSPR Izmir (Cesme) -200km
2008 ICPR Tampa ?- S+SSPR Orlando (UCF) 100 km
2006 ICPR Hong-Kong - S+SSPR Hong-Kong ?(Clearwater Bay) -10km
2004 ICPR Cambridge - S+SSPR Lisbon 1000km
2002 ICPR Quebec City -S+SSPR Windsor, Ontario 500km
2000 ICPR Barcelona - S+SSPR Alicante - 200km
1998 ICPR Brisbane - S+SSPR Sydney (Bondi Beach) -1000km
1996 ICPR Vienna -S+SSPR Leipsig -300km
1994 ICPR Jerusalem - S+SSPR Haifa -200km

ICPR is in Tsukuba City (11-15 November), and so S+SSPR would normally
be expected to take place 7-9 November.

At this stage the chairs of TC1 (Terry Windeatt- email
T.Windeatt@surrey.ac.uk) and TC2 (Edwin Hancock - email
erh@cs.york.ac.uk), would like to hear expressions of interest to hold
S+SSPR. At this stage this only needs
to be a rough outline giving the proposed location and the names of the
potential organisers. Traditionally,
the chairs of TC1+TC2 are programme co-chairs for the two strands of
the meeting (statistical and structural/syntactic).
The organisers need to provide a general chair together with a
statistical strand co-chair and a structural/syntactic strand
co-chair. A full bid will be required later with details of the venue,
estimated costings and the PC structure.
If there are multiple bids, these will be put to an open vote at S+SSPR