TC PAMI Agenda, July 10, 2001

  1. Reports on future meetings:
    1. CVPR 2001, Kauai Marriott. December 11-13, 2001. (G. Medioni)
    2. ICCV 2003, October 7-10, 2003. Beijing. (H. Shum)
    3. CVPR 2003, Madison WI (Kiriakos Kutulakos, David Fleet)
      • 1. Dates * Main conference will run Monday, June 16 through Wednesday, June 18th
        * Tutorials will run Saturday and Sunday before the main conference (June 14-15)
        * Workshops will run Thursday and Friday after the conference and possibly the Sunday before (June 15, June 19-20)
      • 2. People * The organizing committee was finalized as follows: General co-Chairs: Chuck Dyer, Pietro Perona Program co-Chairs: Kyros Kutulakos, David Fleet Local arrangements: Chuck Stewart Short Courses Chair: Bill Freeman Workshops Chair: Kim Boyer Demos Chair: Stefano Soatto Innovations coordinator: Pietro Perona Industrial liaison: Tom O'Donnell
        * David Fleet and I are trying to put together a preliminary list of area chairs. We hope to finalize the list by ICCV time.
  2. Reports on past and current meetings
    1. ICCV 2001. J. Little.
    2. Workshops.
  3. Report on the status of Transactions on PAMI
  4. TC Budget Requests: Do you have any suggestions on what to consider.
  5. Newsletter (Or lack of same) It is email. As usual, 50% of email addresses are invalid.
  6. Major award at ICCV -- Proposal to proceed. Jitendra Malik.
    1. TC PAMI Agenda Item, July 10, 2001

      Preliminary --- Award Proposal --- Preliminary

    2. The "research excellence in computer vision" award will be presented every two years. Two researchers will be honored at each ICCV. The "lifetime achievement in computer vision" award will be presented every two years. One such award will be given at each ICCV.
    3. The award for research excellence in computer vision is given to recognize an individual for his or her outstanding research contributions to the field of computer vision.
    4. The award for lifetime achievement in computer vision is given to recognize a senior scientist for his or her contributions and service to the field of computer vision during his/her career.
    5. The first awards will be made at ICCV 2003 in Beijing, China.
    6. Each awardee will be presented a plaque, and an opportunity to present a keynote address at the ICCV where he or she is to be honored.
    7. The awardees will be chosen by a committee whose membership will be determined by an election held at the PAMI TC meeting at the ICCV. Terms will be staggered to allow for continuity of membership. No member of the awards committee may be considered for the award. It is expected that the membership will reflect the geographic and intellectual diversity of the computer vision community.
  7. ICCV 2005 Proposals will be discussed and voted on: You may want to look at the Conference Organization Pages Know Proposals: Proposal #1