Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter


This month's topics include:

1. ICCV PAMI-TC Meeting Update

2. Call for Papers: ICCP 2014

3. Call for Papers: WACV 2014


Do you have an agenda item for the upcoming PAMI-TC meeting in Sydney? Please send it to the TC Chair Ramin Zabih by 5pm Tuesday, December 3rd (Sydney time!) for consideration in the meeting agenda.

Reminder: In preparation for the PAMI-TC meeting to be held at ICCV 2013 on Tuesday, December 3rd, we submit to the community the following motions that will be voted upon. We will follow the same procedure as we used at CVPR 2013; the motions cannot be amended after being circulated, and there will be an electronic vote open to everyone attending ICCV.

1. ICCV17 bids

* Paris (GC: Nikos Paragios, Xiaoou Tang, Ramin Zabih)

            (PC: David Fleet, Kyoung Mu Lee, Marc Pollefeys, Josef Sivic, Yair Weiss) http://www.cv-foundation.org/ICCV2013/iccv-2017-paris.pdf

* Venice (GC: Katsushi Ikeuchi, Gerard Medioni, Marcello Pelillo)

              (PC: Rita Cucchiara, Yasuyuki Matsushita, Nicu Sebe, Stefano Soatto) http://www.cv-foundation.org/ICCV2013/ICCV2017-Bid-Venice.pdf

Note that since the TC chair is a GC on the Paris bid, the discussion of these bids will be run by Walter Scheirer, the TC communication chair, who is also solely in charge of the electronic vote.

2. Allowing general chairs to submit ICCV papers under limited circumstances (Proposed by: Andrew Zisserman)

MOTION: General chairs are permitted to submit papers to ICCV, but only if the program chairs guarantee that the general chairs will have the exact same access and software privileges regarding the reviewing process that are available to every author.

3. Revised PAMI TC Bylaws and New ICCV Charter (Proposed by: Ramin Zabih)

The PAMI TC currently operates under an antiquated set of bylaws, and while there is a charter for CVPR there is no charter for ICCV.  A new set of bylaws and charter have been drafted by the TC chair and approved by the TC conference committee and the previous 5 TC chairs. The issues are summarized in this FAQ:


The proposed bylaws and charter are here:



For context, the current bylaws are available here:


MOTION: The revised TC bylaws and new ICCV charter are hereby adopted.


CFP: The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2014 Intel, Santa Clara, CA, USA May 2-4, 2014

Website: http://www.iccp14.org/

Important Dates

Paper Submission: December 13, 2013

Paper Decisions: February 14, 2014

ICCP 2014 seeks high quality submissions in all areas related to computational photography. We welcome all submissions that introduce new ideas to the field including, but not limited to, those in the following areas:

Computational cameras

Computational illumination

Computational optics (wavefront coding, compressive optical sensing, digital holography, ...) High-performance imaging (high-speed, hyper-spectral, high-dynamic range, thermal, confocal, ...).

Multiple images and camera arrays

Sensor and illumination hardware

Scientific imaging and videography

Advanced image processing

Organizing and exploiting photo/video collections

In addition to papers, ICCP 2014 will have submission paths for talks, posters, and demos.

Program Chairs

Shai Avidan, Tel Aviv University

Michael Fiddy, University of North Carolina Raana Fattal, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Last Call for Papers: WACV 2014

Steamboat Springs, CO. March 24-26, 2014

While the acronym is being kept, the PAMI-TC's premier meeting on applications of computer vision has been promoted to be a full IEEE conference, rather than an IEEE workshop. This means we are broadening the topics to all areas of Computer Vision, adding area-chairs, and moving to a two-round submission process.

*The First Round Submission Deadline has passed. Original contributions and resubmissions from round one will be considered in the second round.

Second Round Submission

Submission Deadline: December 10th, 2013 Author Feedback: January 20th - 23rd, 2014 Second Round Decisions: January 30th, 2014

More information: http://www.wacv14.org/


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