Minutes of the IEEE Computer Society PAMI-TC Meeting

December 11, 2001, at CVPR '01 in Lihue, HI

1) Reports on future meetings
   (See http://iris.usc.edu/Information/Iris-Conferences.html for details)
   a) ICCV03, 10/13-16/03, Beijing, China.
   b) CVPR03, 6/18-20/03, Madison, Wisconsin.
      Will have passport style tutorials and short courses.
      Paper deadline 11/4/02.
      Call for workshops 5/31/02.
      Call for tutorials and short courses 12/31/02.
      Conference will be two tracks again.
         Hardcopy proceedings would cost $100 each; CDs only instead?
         Hardcopy for students strongly suggested.
         Prepublish papers on a conference web page like SIGRAPH?
         Mail out CD ahead of time?

2) Reports on past meetings
   a) AIPR 2001, October (30th meeting)
      Only 60 people; post 9/11 travel effect
      Theme: time-varying imagery
      AIPR 2002, 10/16-18/02, Cosmos Club
   b) CVPR 2001
      649 people; largest U.S. conference on CV; 270 students(!)
         1) passport registration for workshops, short courses, tutorials:
            feedback is good
         2) paperless submission and review: the review software, written by
            two MIT students, is available to community
         3) technical sketches: mixed reception; needs nurturing
         4) more posters: positive response
         5) proceedings: more discussion; IEEE won't make a CD unless it also
            prints hardcopy first
         6) workshops had their own TC meeting and budget: reduced workload

3) Report on the status of Transactions on PAMI
   For 2000, 426 papers submitted.
   Acceptance rate (98-99) = 26%.
   Submission to publication time = 17 months ( << 27 months of 3 years ago).
   This year, 300 extra pages.
   All conferences also experiencing record submissions (900 for CVPR,
      600 for ECCV, also big numbers at ICIP).
   PAMI has become the model: most submissions, lowest acceptance rate
      of all Transactions.

4) CVPR 2004
   Baltimore's Inner Harbor proposed and unanimously accepted
      Lots of inexpensive hotels; the Aquarium as reception.

5) TC chair
   Chuck Dyer unanimously elected for 2002-03 two-year term.

6) Other business

Respectfully submitted,
John Kender