Minutes of PAMI TC meeting

December 5, 1988

<b>Agenda item #0:</b> The minutes were approved after some discussion of whether
they had been mailed to the entire PAMI journal list or just the US portion
of the list.

<b>Agenda item #1:</b> R. Bajcsy gave a report on ICCV-II: There were 306 papers
submitted 35 long and 54 short papers accepted.
The selection was based on the results of the blind review process, with
no invited papers.  The full list of reviewers was not in the proceedings as
had been expected.  The conference should have a small surplus.  She
feels that it is important for the next conference to budget for travel
money so that most of the program committee can meet.  The
disscussion indicated some concern in the international representation
in the conference and in
delays in international delivery of programs, etc.

<b>Agenda item #2:</b> No report on the Time-varying Imagery Workshop.

<b>Agenda item #3:</b> R. Chellappa gave a report on CVPR-89: 327 papers have been
submitted and have been sent to the program committee for review, with
no more than 35 to one member.  There are 92 non-US papers.  A January
15 meeting in Dallas of the program committee will choose the final
papers.  There is a limit of 3 parallel sessions (set by the facilities,
and the planned limit)
so about 100 papers are expected.  Pre-conference tutorials are being
arranged along with a one day workshop.

<b>Agenda item #4:</b> The PAMI newsletter has been sent out to the full
PAMI mailing list.  The third issue should
be out in the winter with a CVPR report, updated bylaws, etc.  From the
discussion, many (all?)
non-US participants failed to receive the newsletter.  The mailings cost about
$4500 for each issue.

<b>Agenda item #5:</b> The current distribution of the IAPR newsletter will
be combined into the PAMI newsletter (one mailing).  Thus,
the non-US PAMI members may receive the contents both from their national
society and from PAMI.

<b>Agenda item #8:</b> E. Riseman gave the report on the study of holding ICCV-III
in Japan.  He porposed, based on discussions with many people including
many of the current program committee members: hold ICCV-III in Japan,
in the fall of 1990 (October/November), with Prof. Nagao as the
general chair, and Profs. Tsuji and Kak plus a third person (not yet
chosen) from
from Europe as the program chairs.  [Y. Shirai reported that the assignment
of either program chair or general chair to Nagao and Tsuji should
change depending on the location of the conference.]  The proposal
included a suggestion that
the reviewers come from more than the program committee and that it need
only make hard decisions after the reviews have done most of the
initial filtering.  Discussions included the nature of the conference,
with agreement that the number of sessions should be limited, and
that quality
should remain high.  The vote on the proposal (as modified by the report from
Shirai) was Yes:35, No: 22, Abstain 6, with a strong minority support for
the meeting to be held in Europe.

A motion (by E. Grimson) that the current format, with written reviews returned
to the authors, be retained was passed with no opposition.

A motion (by W. Thompson) to hold the meeting between Mid-June and late August
was tabled by a vote of Yes (to table) 16, No 11, Abstain 14.  Thus, no change
in the date was proposed.

A motion (by T. Boult) to reccomend to the committee that the printed
size of short papers be increased was passed: Yes 25, No 18, Abstain 6.

<b>Agenda item #7:</b> H. Freeman reported that ICPR will be held in Atlantic City on
June 3-7, 1990.  R. Bajcsy is the vice-chair.  There will be 4 separate
conferences (each single track) run in parallel.  IAPR is the sponsor,
IEEE is the host.  ICPR-92 will be in Holland.  The first K. S. Fu award
was given to A. Rosenfeld at ICPR-88 in Rome.  T. Pavlidis retired from
the IAPR executive committee
and J. Sklansky was added as a US representative.  J. Aggarwal was elected as
the new treasurer of IAPR.

<b>Agenda item #9:</b> No CVPR in 1990.

<b>Agenda item #6:</b>  Proposal for a workshop on three-dimensional structures
to be held in December 1989 with Anil Jain as the general chair.  This
passed with Yes: 18, No: 0, Abstain 6.

<b>Agenda item #10:</b>  The revised by-laws, distributed at ICCV-II, were
available too late to be in
the last TC newsletter.  Several minor changes were made at the meeting.

Section 5.1, motion (by W. Thompson) that, as much as
feasible, discussions on international conferences should be held at
international conferences.  Passed Yes: 11, No: 9, Abstain: 7.

Changes made in the executive committee (Section 3.2) were removal after
2 years of non-participation and addition by a petition of 10 members
of the technical committee.

The by-laws were passed by Yes: 20, No: 0, and Abstain: 7.

<b>Agenda item #11:</b> The term of J. Aggarwal ends on May 31, 1989.
The office is filled by the IEEE Computer Society president on the
recommendation of the current chair.  T. Huang will be proposed as the
next chair of the PAMI TC.

<b>Agenda item #12:</b> The budget for 1989 and 1990 is about $12000 each,
with most of the money covering the newsletter and the rest for travel
to the
3 TAB meetings and 2 TC meetings each year.  TAB meeting participation is
important so that PAMI members are considered for awards, fellows, and
other committees.  The
current limit on funds in a TC account is $30,000 at one time.  The
budget was  approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 on December 6.