The August 2011 edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

This month's topics include:

1. Call for Papers: WACV 2012

2. Call for Papers: MMBIA 2012

3. Call for Proposals: ICCV 2015

4. PAMI-TC June 2011 Meeting Minutes

5. PAMI-TC Linkedin Group

6. July 2011 issue of the IAPR Newsletter 7. IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers 8. How to Unsubscribe from this List




Call for Papers: IEEE Workshop on the Applications of Computer Vision

(WACV) 2012

January 9th - 11th, Breckenridge, Colorado

This workshop brings together a diverse group of people working on real world systems for commercial, industrial and military applications. As computer vision matures, its related technologies have started to migrate from academic institutions to industrial laboratories, and onward into deployable systems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together an international cadre of academic, industrial, and government researchers, along with companies applying vision techniques. Papers from all areas of computer vision in an applied context are welcome.

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: September 12th, 2011 Paper Decisions: October 31st, 2011 Final Papers Due: December 1st, 2011

For more information, please visit:


Call for Papers: IEEE Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (MMBIA) 2012

January 9th, Breckenridge, Colorado

Biomedical image analysis is a fast evolving field driven by the advancement of imaging modalities and high content screening techniques.

Many clinical applications are also emerging that use biomedical image processing for decision support. The workshop will bring together researchers in computational vision, medical imaging, computational biology, graphics and robotics communities interested in problems that involve mathematical modeling or analysis in biomedical images, which include emerging molecular and cellular images. All papers related to mathematical modeling or analysis in the biomedical imaging field are welcome.

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: September 12th, 2011 Paper Decisions: October 31st, 2011 Final Papers Due: December 1st, 2011

For more information, please visit:


This is a Call for Proposals for ICCV 2015. Please send proposals to by Sept 15, 2011. At ICCV 2009, it was voted to have ICCV 2015 in the Americas.

The proposal should include the following information: date, city, site, hotel, and half the team details (general chairs, program chairs, local arrangements, and some of the other members in charge of the program).  The team should contact the hotel/site to make sure the intended dates are indeed available. Some estimate of lodging costs should be included. My advice would be to plan for >1500 participants.


PAMI TC Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

TC Chair (Sudeep Sarkar) presented the agenda and asked for any additions.

There were none.

There were no changes to the last PAMI-TC meeting minutes in June 2010.

Those minutes are final.

There was a motion to limit discussion to 2 minutes per person (twice) for this meeting, which PASSED.

Chair introductory comments:

    - Reviewed the organization of IEEE, the Computer Society, and the

      TC so that new members would appreciate the discussion of such.

    - Introduced the visitors from the Computer Society (IEEE-CS

      President Sorel Reisman and IEEE-CS  Executive Director, Angela

      Burgess) and thanked them for attending.

    - TC income and expenses for 2011 was presented.

There is a new admin fee rate for IEEE-CS conferences. This is good news for CVPR and ICCV. This rate is better than that by ACM.

    - For conferences with a budgeted or actual expense budget of $125,000

      or greater, the CS Admin Fee is calculated on a sliding scale

      starting at 16% and reduced by 2.0% for each additional $250,000 of

      expense, with a minimum of 6%, starting with 2012 conferences. The

      old rate was a flat 20%

IEEE-CS Outstanding Contribution (Service) Award was given to Keith Price for his contributions in creating the online computer vision bibliography.

The following updates were presented.

    - Luc Van Gool gave an update on ICCV 2011 (Barcelona).

    - Rama Chellapa and team gave an update on CVPR 2012.

    - Walter Scheirer gave an update on WACV 2012 (Breckenridge, CO)

    - Gerard Medioni gave a report on WACV 2011 (Kona, HI). It was a

      fully poster style workshop with short presentations by everyone

      followed by a large poster session.

    - Gerard Medioni gave an update on CVPR 2013 (Portland, OR).

    - Richard Hartley gave an update on ICCV 2013 (Sydney).

    - Marc Polleyfeys gave an update on 3DIMPVT 2012 (Zurich).

    - The Chair announced ICCP 2012 (Seattle).

    - Nalini Ratha, President of the IEEE Biometrics Council, gave a presentation on the council, its

      mission, and its meetings.

    - PAMI-EIC Ramin Zabih gave an update on IEEE Transactions on PAMI

There were no bids submitted for CVPR 2014. As passed at CVPR 2010 meeting, the PAMI-TC Conference Committee will put together a team. The committee needs a couple of months to put together one. The chair will inform and solicit feedback from TC by email/online

Motion by Marc Pollefeys:  Program chairs of CVPR and ICCV cannot submit papers to that conference the year in which they are chairing. General chairs may submit provided that they do not have access to review system. (Did NOT Pass)

TC Chair election: Nomination committee (Gerard Medioni (Chair), Keith Price, Terry Boult, Kim Boyer, and Bryan Morse) proposed that Sudeep Sarker continue for one more year until Dec 2012, then Ramin Zabih to succeed him once he finishes his term as PAMI editor-in-chief. (PASSED).

Reminder on Dual Submission Policy Serge Belongie (program co-chair for CVPR 2012) said that there have been problems with dual submissions and reminded everyone of the existing IEEE policy (Section 8.2.4 of IEEE PSPB Operations,

CVPR 2012 will make this policy explicit in its CFP.

    - Ramin Zabih stated that PAMI already has policies and procedures for plagiarism. A floor motion to allow dual submission between conferences and journals was ruled out-of-order.

Report on CVPR 2011: Terry Boult gave an update on CVPR 2011 (available also in the proceedings). A new financial model was used

    - 50% IEEE-CS, 50% University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS)

    - 10% admin fee to IEEE-CS and 10% admin fee to University

    - PAMI-TC pitched in 25K in rebate, another 15K rebate by IEEE-CS

    - About $65K at UCCS for future PAMI use.

Future CVPR Meeting Sponsorship Motion (Jitendra Malik): The PAMI-TC hereby appoints a committee to investigate sponsorship options for CVPR, ICCV and TPAMI, and to provide a cost/benefit analysis of all viable alternatives. The committee will distribute their report by email to all PAMI-TC members. (Motion PASSED)

Motion: "The sponsorship committee will be chaired by D. Forsyth and consist of T. Boult, R. Chellappa, D. Huttenlocher, L. Shapiro, D.

Kriegman, S. Sarkar, Y. Weiss and R. Zabih. The committee shall also invite others to serve in order to ensure that the membership is representative of the whole vision community." (Motion PASSED)

Motion: "The PAMI-TC hereby approves e-voting. Those eligible to vote will be anyone who has attended a PAMI-TC conference in the previous 24 months, or who subscribes to TPAMI and requests e-voting rights. Motions can be presented for an e-vote upon the recommendation of the PAMI-TC steering committee. Separate e-votes for CVPR- or ICCV specific issues can draw on subsets of the list based on their attendance." (Motion FAILED)

Motion (Ramin Zabih): "For each CVPR and ICCV, the general chairs shall present a brief financial summary at the PAMI-TC meeting. The summary shall specify how much income is generated for each financial sponsor, on an absolute and per-attendee basis, and what the financial sponsors provide to justify this income. Conference proposals will provide approximate numbers, with an update presented the year before the meeting and the year of the meeting, and with final numbers due a year after the meeting." (Motion PASSED)

Other motions related to the timing of an e-vote were set aside due to the failure of the motion to allow e-voting.

Motion (Terry Boult): Have a straw poll to judge the sense of the TC regarding leaving the Computer Society. (Motion FAILED).

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00pm


The PAMI-TC is now on Linkedin. We invite all members to follow us. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Technical Committee (PAMI-TC)group:


The July 2011 issue of the IAPR Newsletter is now available at, [HTML]




1. Getting to know...Herbert Freeman, IAPR Fellow

2. From the ExCo

3. BooksBooksBooks

4. IAPR Conference and Workshop Reports

5. ICPR 2012

6. Of Interest...

7. Conference Planner


1. Getting to know...Herbert Freeman, IAPR Fellow

Dr. Herbert Freeman, IAPR Fellow, discusses his illustrious career in which he conducted ground-breaking research, co-founded the IAPR, served as President of IAPR, was honored with the King-Sun Fu Prize, started and sold a PR-related business, and settled into a productive retirement.

2. From the ExCo

Ingela Nystrom shares news from the IAPR Executive Committee.

3. BooksBooksBooks

A list of book reviews previously published in the IAPR Newsletter.

New book reviews in this issue:

Dietmar Hildenbrand reviews 'Handbook of Geometric Computing' by Eduardo Bayro Corrachano (Ed.)

Tanish Zaveri reviews 'Essential Image Processing and GIS for Remote Sensing' by Jian Guo Liu and Philippa Mason

Arjan Kuijper reviews 'Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision', 4th Edition by C.H. Chen

4. IAPR Conference and Workshop Reports

CIARP2010-15th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition

DGCI2011-16th International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

CCIW2011-Computational Color Imaging Third International Workshop

GbR2011-8th IAPR TC-15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition

5. ICPR 2012

Call for papers for ICPR2012

Call for nomination for the K.S. Fu Prize Additional calls for nomination for the J.K. Aggarwal Prize and for IAPR Fellow Awards

6. Of Interest...

Free books available for review.

7. Conference Planner

Chart of some upcoming IAPR and non-IAPR conferences of interest to the IAPR community.


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