The April 2013 edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

The April edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

This month's topics include:
1. Call for Papers and Workshops: ICCV 2013
2. Call for Proposals: CVPR 2016
3. Call for Participation: CVPR 2013
4. WACV 2014
5. Call for Participation: ICCP 2013
6. Call for Participation: FG 2013

7.  Special Supplement to the April edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

The ICCV Paper deadline is approaching.

The deadline for submission of papers for ICCV 2013 in Sydney is
approaching. Papers are due on April 12, 2013 (23:59 GMT).  Please
see the website at for the call for papers and
submission extractions. Note that there will be no extension to the

ICCV 2013 workshops.  Please note that the date for submission of
workshop proposals is May 3.  See the website for details.


Call for Proposals for CVPR 2016. Please send proposals to by May 15, 2013. The proposal should include the
following information: date, city, site, hotel, and half the team
details (general chairs, program chairs, local arrangements, and some
of the other members in charge of the program). The team should
contact the hotel/site to make sure the intended dates are indeed
available. Some estimate of meeting space and lodging costs should be
included. Please plan for over 1500 participants. While we very much
hope to get submissions, if no proposal is submitted by the deadline
the PAMI-TC conference committee will put together team and venue.


CVPR 2013 will take place June 23 - 28 at the Oregon Convention Center
in Portland, Oregon.

More information is available at Note
that this will be the location of the first PAMI-TC meeting of 2013,
with the second one being at ICCV in December.

Any proposed motions that you wish to be voted on by the TC meeting at
CVPR 2013 should be sent to by May 15, 2013.  Under
the recently adopted PAMI-TC charter, everyone attending CVPR is a PAMI-TC
member and is eligible to vote.  We expect to adopt some form of
electronic voting to substantially increase community participation. A
complete list of the motions up for a vote will be circulated by email
well in advance of CVPR.


The next installment of WACV (March 24-26, 2014) brings with it some
major changes. While the acronym is being kept, the PAMI-TC's premier
meeting on applications of computer vision has been promoted to a full
IEEE conference. This means a broadening of topics to include all of
computer vision and the addition of area chairs. With an increasing
number of good papers that cannot be accommodated by the major vision
conferences, WACV is a rising forum for high quality research in
computer vision. WACV 2014 will also introduce a new two-round paper
submission process, inspired by ICML 2013.

Interested in becoming an area chair? We're accepting applications:

We're also accepting applications for reviewers and program committee

More Information:


The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Computational
Photography (ICCP) 2013 will be held at Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA, USA April 19-21, 2013

For more information, visit:


Registration is still open for FG 2013 (April 22nd - 26th):

We hope to see you in Shanghai!


Special Supplement to the April edition of the PAMI-TC newsletter

Topics include:

1. Special Edition of Pattern Recognition Letters 2. CFP: AIPR 2013


A few happenings this month:

3. Call for ACs: WACV 2014

4. Call for Participation: ICCP 2013

5. Call for Participation: FG 2013




Maria Petrou  passed away on October 15 2012 after a brave battle with cancer, and will be greatly missed.


The aim of this special edition of Pattern Recognition Letters is to celebrate Maria's life and work. The aim is to collect together both scientific articles and personal reflections which illuminate her contributions to our field. We encourage contributions from both those who worked with Maria, and those whose work was influenced by her.


We invite three different types of contribution:


a) Short recollections of Maria and reflections on her life and work, that capture her personality and interests. We are particularly keen to receive photographs to illustrate these accounts. We would hope to edit both the photographs and accounts together into a montage capturing the different facets of her life and work.


b) Reviews that place her work in the context of the literature in the field, focus on her scientific contributions and assess their lasting influence.


c) Original scientific papers in the broad areas of Maria's research interests, pointing out their relevance to her work. These could be posthumous papers with Maria as co-author, submitted by one of her collaborators or students.


Although we want the special edition to reflect Maria's life and personal qualities, we expect that the bulk of papers in the Special Edition will be original scientific articles focused around her research interests.




submission of papers for review: 1st June 2013 (submission open on from 1st May 2013).

first reviews/decisions - 15th August 2013 revised papers - 1st October 2013 publication - 1st January 2014.


Josef Kittler

Edwin Hancock

Guest Editors.




AIPR 2013 - Sensing for Control and Augmentation Cosmos Club, Washington D.C.

October 23-25, 2013


This years's topic explores the imagery and pattern recognition technology making the resulting enhanced vision possible and the new applications this enables. The AIPR-2013 Executive Committee invites papers in the following topic areas:


- Theory and background for enabling technologies for sending and control

- Providing "telepresence" for tasks using remote sensor platforms

- Providing vision to the blind and other contributions of vision for

   prosthesis control

- Performance metrics for evaluation and uncertainty estimation

- Novel sensing techniques or analysis or novel sensor data

- Enriched standards to enable sensor and data interoperability

- Historical or retrospective papers


Abstracts for either oral or poster presentation are now being accepted.

Send inquiries or abstracts (150-300 words) to:


Due date: 30 June 2013


More information:




Interested in becoming an area chair for WACV 2014?

We're accepting applications:


*Deadline for applications is April 30th.


More Information:




The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography

(ICCP) 2013 will be held at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA April 19-21, 2013


For more information, visit:




Registration is still open for FG 2013 (April 22nd - 26th):


We hope to see you in Shanghai!




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