January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to the January edition of the IEEE-TCMC (Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing) monthly mailing.

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This month's topics include:

  1. Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing information (web site, new chair, how to join TCMC)
  2. CFPs at Upcoming TCMC-sponsored conferences (ICME, ICSC, VL/HCC)


TCMC information:

The new website for the TCMC has recently been launched


Questions, comments, and suggestions for the TCMC should be sent to the current TCMC chair:

Dr. Shu-Ching Chen
Florida International University
School of Computing and Information Sciences
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33199, USA
Tel: 305-348-3480
Fax: 305-348-3549
Email: chens@cs.fiu.edu
Web: http://www.cs.fiu.edu/~chens

The current chair's biosketch and position statement can be found at


How to Join TCMC:

The recipient list of this TCMC electronic newsletter and other publications, is determined by the IEEE Computer Society's list. To join this technical committee, or to update your information, especially your email address, visit the following web site and fill in the online form.



Call for Workshop/Demo Papers

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Barcelona, Spain from July 11 to 15, 2011

The following workshops are to be held in conjunction with ICME 2011.

* 1st IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Services and Technologies for E-health (MUST-EH 2011) http://www.kom.tu-darmstadt.de/en/research/technology-areas/multimedia-technologies/icme-2011/

Workshop Co-Chairs

M. Shamim Hossain, King Saud University, KSA
Stefan Gel, Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM), TU Darmstadt, Germany
Atif Alamri, King Saud University, KSA

* Workshop on Green Multimedia Communication https://engineering.purdue.edu/HELPS/ICME2011Workshop/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Yung-Hsiang Lu, Purdue University, USA
Yung Yi, KAIST, South Korea
Priya Mahadevan, PARC, USA

* 1st IEEE International Workshop on Interactive Ambient Intelligence Multimedia Environments (AIME 2011) http://www.dai-labor.de/aime2011

Workshop Co-Chairs

Ali A. Nazari Shirehjini, University of Ottawa, Canada
Xenophon Zabulis, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Greece
Sahin Albayrak, DAI-Labor, Germany

* 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Hot Topics in 3D (Hot3D 2011) http://www.hot3d.org/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
Aljoscha Smolic, Disney Research, Switzerland
Eckehard Steinbach, Technische Universit Mchen, Germany

* 1st IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Automated Multimedia Surveillance for Public Safety (AAMS-PS 2011) http://www.acs.uwinnipeg.ca/pkatrey/AAMSPS/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Mohan S. Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Pradeep K. Atrey, University of Winnipeg, Canada
M. Anwar Hossain, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

* 3rd International Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research (AdMIRe 2011) http://www.cp.jku.at/conferences/admire2011/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Markus Schedl, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Peter Knees, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
car Celma, Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies, Spain

* International Workshop on Content Protection & Forensics (CPAF 2011) http://www.cp.jku.at/conferences/admire2011/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Sabu Emmanuel, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Regunathan Radhakrishnan, Dolby Laboratories Inc., USA
Fulong Ma, Philips Research,China
Marcel Worring, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

* 1st IEEE International Workshop on Vision and Graphics Computing for Multimedia Communications (VGCMMC 2011) http://www.cs.stevens.edu/~mordohai/public/vgcmmc/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Gang Hua, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
Pietro Zanuttigh, University of Padova, Italy

* Workshop on Visual Content Identification and Search (VCIDS 2011) http://www.ieee-icme.org/vcids2011/index.php

Workshop Co-Chairs

Jian Lu, Shanda Interactive Entertainment, China
Apostol (Paul) Natsev, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
Wenjun (Kevin) Zeng, University of Missouri, USA

* IEEE International Workshop on Edutainment http://www.lsou.org/ieee/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Llu Vicent, La Salle-URL, Spain
Olenka Bilash, University of Alberta, Canada
Oscar Garcia-Panella, La Salle-URL, Spain
M. Chang, University of Alberta, Canada

* Workshop on Hot Topics in Multimedia Delivery (HotMD 2011) https://sites.google.com/site/hotmd2011/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Cheng Huang, Microsoft Research, USA
Yong Liu, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, USA
Francesc Pinyol Margalef, La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain
Gabriel Ferndez Ubiergo, La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain
Alejandro Lez Gonzez, La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain

* IEEE Workshop on Streaming and Media Communications (StreamComm 2011) http://sites.google.com/site/streamcomm2011/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Maria G. Martini, Kingston University, UK
Ivan V. Bajic, Simon Fraser University, Canada

* International Workshop on Acoustics and Video Coding and Communication (AVCC 2011) http://www.bitmovin.net/ICME/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Peng Yin, Dolby Laboratories Inc, USA
Yan Ye, Dolby Laboratories Inc, USA
Pei-jung Chung, University of Edinburgh, UK
Zhiqiang Wu, Wright University, USA

* Workshop on Multimedia-Aware Networking (WoMAN 2011) http://woman2011.ict-alicante.eu/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria
Daniel Negru, LaBRI, France
Eugen Borcoci, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania
George Xilouris, Demokritos, Greece

* Workshop on Multimodal Audio-based Multimedia Content Analysis (MAMCA 2011) http://www.mamca2011.com/

Workshop Co-Chairs

Xavier Anguera, Telefica, Spain
Gerald Friedland, ICSI, USA
Florian Metze, CMU, USA

* Workshop on Human Factors in Multimedia (HFM 2011) http://www.salle.url.edu/hfm/

Workshop Co-Chairs

David Fonseca, La Salle University, Spain
Anup Basu, University of Alberta, Canada
Marc Pifarre, La Salle University, Spain
Eva Villegas, La Salle University, Spain

Important Dates:

Workshop / Demo Paper Submission: February 20, 2011
Workshop / Demo Paper Acceptance: April 10, 2011
Workshop / Demo Camera-ready Paper: April 20, 2011


Call for Papers

The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (IEEE ICSC 2011)

September 18-21, 2011, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA. www.ieee-icsc.org

The field of Semantic Computing addresses the derivation of semantic information from content and the connection of semantics to knowledge, where "content" may be anything including video, audio, text, processes, services, hardware, networks, etc.

The fifth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2011) continues to foster the growth of a new research community. The conference builds on the success of the past ICSC conferences as an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present research that advances the state of the art and practice of Semantic Computing, as well as identifying emerging research topics and defining the future of the field.

The event is located in Palo Alto, CA on the campus of Stanford University. The technical program of ICSC 2011 includes workshops, invited keynotes, paper presentations, panel discussions, industrial 'show and tells', demonstrations, and more. Submissions of high-quality papers describing mature results or ongoing work are invited.

Please refer to the conference website for further information: www.ieee-icsc.org/


Authors are invited to submit Regular Papers (8-page technical paper), Short Papers (4-page technical paper), Demonstration Papers and Posters (2 page technical paper), and Workshop and Special Session Proposals. More information is available on the ICSC 2011 web page. The Conference Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press. Distinguished quality papers presented at the conference will be selected for publication in internationally renowned journals.

AREAS OF INTEREST INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

Semantics based Analysis
- Natural language processing
- Image and video analysis
- Audio and speech analysis
- Data and web mining
- Behavior of software, services and networks
- Privacy
- Security
- Analysis of social networks

Semantic Integration
- Metadata and other description languages
- Database schema integration
- Ontology integration
- Interoperability and service integration
- Semantic programming languages and software engineering
- Semantic system design and synthesis

Applications using Semantics
- Search engines and question answering
- Semantic web services
- Content-based multimedia retrieval and editing
- Context-aware networks of sensors, devices and applications
- Digital library applications - Machine translation
- Music description
- Medicine and Biology
- GIS systems and architecture

Semantic Interfaces
- Natural language interfaces
- Multimodal interfaces
- Human centered computing


* Feb 22nd, 2011: Special Session Proposals
* Feb 22nd, 2011: Workshop Proposals
* May 3rd, 2011: Regular & Short Paper Submission
* May 3rd, 2011: Demo Descriptions & Posters
* June 28th, 2011: Notification Date
* July 15th, 2011: Camera-Ready & Registration


Call for papers

IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing September 18-22, Pittsburgh, PA, USA http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~vlhcc2011/

From the beginning of the computer age, people have sought easier ways to learn, express, and understand computational ideas. Whether this meant moving from punch cards to textual languages, or command lines to graphical UIs, the quest to make code easier to express, manipulate, and understand by a broader group of people is an ongoing challenge. The IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) is the premier international forum for research on this topic. Established in 1984, the mission of the conference is to support the design, theory, application and evaluation of computing technologies and languages for programming, modeling and communicating, which are easier to learn, use, and understand by people.

Scope and Topics

We solicit original, unpublished research papers that focus on efforts to design, formalize, implement, and evaluate computing languages and development tools that are easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to understand. This includes languages and tools expressed not only as text, but through any other means (visual, sketch-based, gesture-based, or otherwise). This also includes languages and tools intended for a wide range of audiences, including professional software developers, novice programmers, or other any other people who find a need to express computational ideas. We also seek papers that address cognitive, social, cultural, and theoretical aspects of efforts to lower barriers to computing.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

* The design, evaluation, and theory of visual languages
* End-user development and end-user programming
* Novel user interfaces for expressing code
* Human aspects of software development
* Debugging and program understanding
* Computer science education
* Software development tools
* Model-driven development
* Domain-specific languages
* Software visualization
* Query languages

Paper Submissions

We invite two kinds of papers, due March 11, 2011:

* full-length research papers, up to 8 pages
* short research papers, up to 4 pages

All accepted papers, whether full or short, should be complete archival contributions. The contribution from full papers are more extensive than those from short papers. Short papers are not works in progress; incomplete or ongoing research should be submitted to the Posters category (described on the back). All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Program Committee. The paper deadline will not be extended. Authors may optionally submit a short digital video or interactive illustration with paper submissions. Since not everyone who reviews your paper may view the video figure, your submission must stand on its own and will be reviewed as such. The videos of accepted papers will be distributed at the conference and will appear in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Video formatting details are available online.

Important Dates:

Paper submissions (firm deadline) 11 March 2011
Notification of paper reviews 27 May 2011
Rebuttals due 3 June 2011
Notification of final decision 10 June 2011
Camera-readies due 1 July 2011

For posters and demonstrations:

Submissions 17 June 2011
Notification of final decision 22 July 2011