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From the October 2016 issue

A New Design of In-Memory File System Based on File Virtual Address Framework

By Edwin H.-M. Sha, Xianzhang Chen, Qingfeng Zhuge, Liang Shi, and Weiwen Jiang

Featured article thumbnail imageThe emerging technologies of persistent memory, such as PCM, MRAM, provide opportunities for preserving files in memory. Traditional file system structures may need to be re-studied. Even though there are several file systems proposed for memory, most of them have limited performance without fully utilizing the hardware at the processor side. This paper presents a framework based on a new concept, "File Virtual Address Space". A file system, Sustainable In-Memory File System (SIMFS), is designed and implemented, which fully utilizes the memory mapping hardware at the file access path. First, SIMFS embeds the address space of an open file into the process’ address space. Then, file accesses are handled by the memory mapping hardware. Several optimization approaches are also presented for the proposed SIMFS. Extensive experiments are conducted. The experimental results show that the throughput of SIMFS achieves significant performance improvement over the state-of-the-art in-memory file systems.

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