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From the August 2016 issue

Node Scaling Analysis for Power-Aware Real-Time Tasks Scheduling

By Lei Yu, Fei Teng, and Frederic Magoules

Featured article thumbnail imageMulti-core processors achieve a trade-off between the performance and the power consumption by using Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) techniques. In this paper, we study the power efficient scheduling problem of real-time tasks in an identical multi-core system, and present Node Scaling model to achieve power-aware scheduling. We prove that there is a bound speed which results in the minimal power consumption for a given task set, and the maximal value of task utilization, $u_{max}$ , in a task set is a key element to decide its minimal power consumption. Based on the value $u_{max}$ , we classify task sets into two categories: the bounded task sets and the non-bounded task sets, and we prove the lower bound of power consumption for each type of task set. Simulations based on Intel Xeon X5550 and PXA270 processors show Node Scaling model can achieve power efficient scheduling by applying to existing algorithms such as EDF-FF and SPA2. The ratio of power reduction depends on the multi-core processor's property which is defined as the ratio of the bound speed to the maximal speed of the cores. When the ratio of speeds decreases, the ratio of power reduction increases for all the power efficient algorithms.

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