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From the July-September 2016 issue

Piecewise Linear Dynamical Model for Action Clustering from Real-World Deployments of Inertial Body Sensors

By Jiaqi Gong, Philip Asare, Yanjun Qi, and John Lach

Featured article thumbnail imageHuman motion has been reported as having great relevance to various disease, disorder, injuries and emotional state. Therefore, motion assessment using inertial body sensor networks (BSNs) is gaining popularity as an outcome measure in clinical study and neuroscience research. The efficacy of motion assessment heavily relies on the accurate temporal clustering of human motion into actions on various time scales. However, two human factors in real-world deployments of inertial BSNs make such motion assessment challenging: mounting errors (where sensor displacement and orientation do not match what is assumed by processing algorithms) and insecure mounting (where sensors are loosely worn causing them to shake during operations). In order to enhance the robustness of human actions clutsering from real-world BSN data, this work leverages dynamical systems modeling with the considerations of human factors. By proposing a computational body-model framework called the piecewise linear dynamical model (PLDM), we derive a robust method to segment time series data of inertial BSNs in real-world deployment with human factors into motion primitives and actions. We test the proposed method on three different inertial BSN datasets, extract actions on different temporal scales and recognize the actions into clusters. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

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