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Mar. 16, 2016 – Silicon Beach, CA


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In a hybrid cloud environment, with the need for orchestration between platforms, as well as increased release frequency demands, tighter alignment between line of business, development and IT is essential. New DevOps practices are the key to success.

Hear top DevOps experts share the latest techniques that enable you to link innovation, new features, stability and speed so both design and operations meet their goals.

Meet and Interact with Our Speakers:

  • Gordon Haff, Technology Evangelist at Red Hat
  • Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics at Chef
  • Bernie Coyne, DevOps Evangelist, IBM

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March 16, 2016

Silicon Beach, CA - El Segundo

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March 16, 2016 – Silicon Beach, CA

Thank you for attending. View the presentations below.

Gordon Haff will investigate -  

DevOps: Lessons from Manufacturing and Open Source  

Gordon Haff, Technology Evangelist, Red Hat


Manufacturing has widely adopted standardized and automated processes to create designs, build them, and maintain them through their life cycle. However, many modern manufacturing systems go beyond mechanized workflows to introduce empowered workers, flexible collaboration, and rapid iteration.

Such behaviors also characterize open source software development and are at the heart of DevOps culture, processes, and tooling. In this session, Red Hat’s Gordon Haff will discuss the lessons and processes that DevOps can apply from manufacturing using:

-   Container-based platforms designed for modern application development and deployment.

-   The ability to design microservices-based applications using modular and reusable parts.

-   Iterative development, testing, and deployment using platform-as-a-service and integrated continuous delivery systems.

As Red Hat’s cloud evangelist, Gordon Haff is a frequent and highly-acclaimed speaker at customer and industry events and helps develop strategy across Red Hat’s full portfolio of cloud solutions. He is the author of Computing Next: How the Cloud Opens the Future, in addition to numerous other publications. Prior to Red Hat, Gordon wrote hundreds of research notes, was frequently quoted in publications such as The New York Times on a wide range of IT topics, and has advised clients on product and marketing strategies. Gordon has engineering degrees from MIT and Dartmouth and an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School.

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Dave Nielsen will investigate -  

The Pros and Cons of Deploying Data into Containers  

Dave Nielsen, Developer Advocate, Redis Labs


Dave advocates Redis on behalf of Redis Labs. Prior to Redis Labs, he was the co-founder of CloudCamp Global and organizes many workshops and hacakthons in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 12 years of developer advocate experience, Dave has helped companies like PayPal, Strikeiron, Mode Media, and Redis Labs create and run their own developer outreach programs. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @davenielsen. 

View Dave's Presentation Here


Bernie Coyne will investigate -

Accelerating the Delivery of Innovation with DevOps

Bernie Coyne, DevOps Evangelist, IBM Cloud


Bernie is a successful speaker and co-author of the DevOps For Dummies and Agile For Dummies books. He cut his teeth in the software development field as a developer, architect, systems analyst, and chief technology officer in private companies, government organizations, and web startups. He has a wealth of hands-on experience in IT software development. Bernie has worked at IBM for more than a decade and is currently a Senior DevOps Evangelist for IBM’s DevOps solutions.

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