Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

The Executive Council of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) wishes to encourage academic excellence for students in the computing discipline. The UPE initiated this award with the IEEE Computer Society, as the largest association of computer professionals, to raise the importance of academic achievement in our future computer professionals. Up to four awards of $1,000 each are given each year to competition winners. Winners also receive a certificate of commendation, and a periodical subscription for one year. The UPE award criteria requires the same minimum grade point average that UPE membership requires, which is currently a minimum of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 is required. 

Deadline for submission is: October 31 of each year.

Who is Eligible?

All graduate and undergraduate students who are IEEE Computer Society members and full-time students at an academic institution are eligible. Student winners of the Computer Society's Richard Merwin or UPE/CS award for the previous year (13 months) are not eligible.


Judging will be based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities related to the discipline of computing, and the letters of recommendation.

How to Apply?

Complete the application questions below and email all files to: Eric Berkowitz, Membership Director, IEEE Computer Society.

Join IEEE and CS for $40 US, or IEEE students can add Computer Society to their IEEE Membership for as low as $8.00 in U.S. and Canada; $13.00 rest of the world World-wide.

1. Full Name

2. Computer Society Member Number (only Computer Society members are eligible)

3. Current telephone number and email (if available)

4. Permanent mailing address

5. Name and address of academic institution

6. Grade Point Average

7. Overall grade point average_______ out of a possible _______

8. Student rank_______ out of a class of _______

9. Grade point average out of computing classes_______out of a possible_______


Submit the following items along with this application: 

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A certified copy of the previous three years (minimum) official academic transcripts
  • A statement of your participation in extracurricular activities relevant to the computing discipline


Include the following signed and dated statement at the bottom of your application: To the best of my knowledge, all information provided above is accurate and correct. (signature and date required)


Past Winners 

To see some of the past winners of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Award, click here.