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David Alan Grier

The Old and the New; The Computer and the Brain

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

There is great value in reading classic literature, but computer scientists are often reluctant to read anything but the most recent articles. Statistics from the IEEE and ACM digital libraries suggest that we rarely look at anything more than two or three years old. Yet, by constraining our vision, we overlook the richness of our field. We see only the questions that concern us today and miss ideas that have shaped 60 years of research. In the few times that we do turn to classic literature, we tend to use it only to justify our own work, to say that our contributions have always been central to the field or that we are solving universal problems. Rarely do we turn to this literature to test our ideas, to ask if we have contributed valid and lasting ideas to the field.
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Computing Now

A Snapshot of Current Trends in Visualization

Visualization is the study of the transformation of data to visual representations. These visual elements are then used to gain insight into and from the data. In the 30 years since the landmark "Visualization in Scientific Computing” report in which the National Science Foundation Panel on Graphics, Image Processing, and Workstations outlined a vision for developing computer-generated visualization as a scientific field, the field has expanded to encompass three major subfields: scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics. It also includes many domain-specific areas, such as geo-information visualization, biological data visualization, and software visualization.

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