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David Alan Grier

Situational Awareness

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

Situational awareness. This is the trend of the day. Not too long ago, my students wanted to do projects that involved big data or the Internet of Things or machine learning. Now, they want to work on situational awareness. As with much of computing, it is something new and old. It is the trend that will shape the next 18 or 24 months of technological development. It is also an idea that has deep roots in computing, roots that probe well beyond the invention of electronic computing machinery to the real reasons that governments and businesses first became interested in organized data processing. Read more

Computing Now

When Radiation Hits Electric Circuits

The introduction to the September 2015 issue of Computing Now focused on how as microelectronics shrink, integrated circuit (IC) performance and complexity increase — leading to vulnerability to several phenomena and thus threatening reliability in the field. That issue explored one phenomenon, in particular: bias temperature instability. Yet, several other challenges are just as relevant, including vulnerability to radiation-induced faults.

The July 2016 issue of Computing Now examines radiation’s effects on circuit reliability, as well as proposes approaches for ameliorating them.

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