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David Alan Grier

Are We to Be Replaced? Machine Learning and Statistical Thinking

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

Over the past year or so, I’ve heard two distinct stories about machine learning. At face value, each story illustrates a different aspect about this technology. At times, the two seem inconsistent. Yet, when viewed together, they suggest the nature of machine learning and the way that we need to think about it. Read more


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In December 2016, the IEEE Computer Society released its annual vision of the future of technology. “Self-driving cars” is near the top of the list of trends that will reach adoption in 2017. This probably isn’t surprising to most of us, given the substantial media attention and hype already surrounding self-driving cars. Perhaps more surprising to some is that the automotive industry is also deeply involved in nearly all of the other trends in the Computer Society’s list: industrial IoT, AI, 5G, ubiquitous sensors—even hyper-converged systems and disaggregated memory. The modern car really is becoming a “computer on wheels."

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