13 September 2016 | Seattle, WA


Rock Stars of Cybersecurity/Threats and Counter Measures

What Do Google, Adobe, Intel Health and Life Sciences, and PayPal Know About Cybersecurity That You Need to Know?

Lots!  The attackers have gotten more sophisticated. No company or person is safe. The only way to protect your organization and your personal data in 2016 is with a strong Cybersecurity solution. At Rock Stars of Cybersecurity, we’ve brought together the real leaders in this critical technology – Google, Adobe, PayPal, Intel Health and Life Sciences, and others – to talk about the trends, cybersecurity programs and advice on how you can develop real-world security solutions that work for your organization – and that don’t disrupt your operations.




The unprecedented Target breach and government spying scandal have put cybersecurity in the global spotlight. With cyberattacks on the rise, it is now even more important to learn how to identify weaknesses and protect company infrastructure from incursions. At the Rock Stars of Cybersecurity conference, well-respected cybersecurity authorities from leading companies will deliver case studies and actionable advice that you can immediately put to use.



  • An opportunity to corner the real experts on cybersecurity in one room and learn the latest and best thinking on how to realistically and cost-effectively protect your company
  • A highly interactive day, with Q&A, collaboration, and dive-deep presentations
  • A chance to see new products and solutions up close
  • Unmatched networking opportunities
  • Relaxation and conversation over lunch and cocktails
  • The unmissable security event of the year



Rock Star Audience

Hear What Our Audience is Saying About the Rock Star Events:

"This was my first IEEE conference. It was loaded with relevant, useful and actionable information! Look forward to attending this event again." - Warren Puy Arena, IT Director, Porter Keadle Moore, LLC

"This was the best one-day event I've ever attended! Being able to gain insight into what other organizations and experts are doing was so beneficial. I walked away with new knowledge, best practices, and practical advice to use in my job." - Ravi Sharma, PhD and Data Scientist, KnowForce

"I flew in from out of state to attend this event and I'm very happy I did! I was able to listen to industry experts and understand their experiences and challenges in cybersecurity, and walked away with knowledge of current trends and practical advice that I can apply in my work." - Andi Hall, Director of Technical Operations, DLNA





Richard T. Rushing

Richard T. Rushing

Chief Information Security Officer
Motorola Mobility

Richard Rushing is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Motorola Mobility Inc. He has been implementing security solutions for the last twenty years at Equifax, Siemens Industrial Automations, GE Capital Information Technology Services, Secure IT, VeriSign, Network Solutions, and AirDefense. Richard has participated in several corporate and international Security Councils, setting standards and policies for entire organizations. As Chief Information Security Officer for Motorola he has lead the security effort for Motorola Mobility, developing an international team to tackle the emerging threats of mobile devices, advance persist threats (APT), Targeted attacks, and Cyber-Crime. He has led a campaign to “Stop the Leaks” and help to organize “Trade Secrets Protection effort” at Motorola Mobility. He has also organized and developed practices to protect the intellectual property across the enterprise.
Janice Tse

Janice Tse

Director of Data Science

Janice Tse is a Director of Data Science at PayPal. She is a seasoned leader in the data science space with expertise in fraud detection of the e-commerce and payment industries. Her passion is turning data into actionable insights to solve problems at scale by leveraging advanced technologies and machine learning. She holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California and M.S. degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Brian Barrios

Brian Barrios

Portfolio Director
NIST National Cybersecurity FFRDC, MITRE Corp.

Brian Barrios is the Portfolio Director for the National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), operated by MITRE in support of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The center is dedicated to increasing the rate of adoption of practical cybersecurity solutions. In his role, Brian is responsible for building and leading multi-disciplinary teams that tackle some of our nation’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges.
Bruce Snell

Bruce Snell

Cybersecurity and Privacy Director
Intel Security

Bruce Snell is the Cybersecurity and Privacy Director at Intel Security. Bruce has been with McAfee/Intel Security for almost 15 years, and was the Technical Director for Intel Security Japan for 3 years before attaining his current position. Prior to McAfee, Bruce worked in the trenches doing system and network security for various dot-com startups and Fortune 500 companies. Bruce’s involvement in computer security dates back to dial up bulletin board systems and a time before the internet had pictures. At McAfee, Bruce has worked with many organizations from national governments and large enterprises to small family owned businesses to help them understand the nature of the cyber security threat and how they can be better prepared for future attacks. Keeping up to date on current and future threats is Bruce’s passion, which has led him to appearances on local and national news around the globe as well as speaking engagements at industry conferences.
Steven Bay

Steven Bay

Chief Information Security Officer
NuVasive, Inc.

Steven Bay is the Chief Information Security Officer of NuVasive, Inc. In this role he is responsible for building and managing the day-to-day information security and information governance of the corporate enterprise as well as designing and implementing an advanced data analytics capability. Prior to his time at NuVasive, Steve was a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton for 9 years. He split his time supporting both government and commercial projects, including serving as a Network Intelligence Analyst working the Cyber domain and designing and building cybersecurity programs for Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve; he holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and an MA in International Business from Webster University.
Drew Hintz

Drew Hintz

Vulnerability Analyst

Drew is an information security engineer who protects Google and its users from targeted attacks. He builds systems, such as phishing detection and End-To-End encryption, to protect users and their data. He's discovered dozens of 0day vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, including some affecting Microsoft Office and most major web mail providers.
Joshua Greenbaum


Joshua Greenbaum (panel moderator)

Enterprise Applications Consulting

Joshua has over 30 years of experience in the industry as a computer programmer, systems analyst, author, consultant, and industry analyst. Josh regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, infrastructure, implementation, and hardware companies, and advises end users on technology infrastructure and applications selection, development, and implementation issues.
Peter Oelschlaeger

Peter Oelschlaeger

Senior Director
Tanium, Inc.

Peter Oelschlaeger is a Senior Director at Tanium, Inc.. He works with enterprises in the West to reduce the attack surface and develop proficiency with incident response. Prior to Tanium, Peter worked for Mandiant investigating advanced attacks. Earlier in his career, Peter was a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories for nearly a decade, most of it involved in Cyber Security R&D. He holds BS and MS degrees in computer science and computer engineering.



Dr. Colin McKinty


Dr. Colin McKinty

VP of Cyber Security Strategy
BAE Systems

Colin McKinty, VP of Cyber Security Strategy, Americas at BAE Systems, has held various roles at the company in the both the US and UK. Upon completing a Masters of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he then went on to receive his PhD from the University of Surrey (UK) in 2001. He has spent more than a decade helping a wide range of customers enhance and protect their organizations with information intelligence and advanced analytic tools and processes. He moved from the company’s HQ in the UK to the US in 2007 to run BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s federal business, which led to a new role: Cyber Lead for the Americas. This enabled him to focus on supporting organizations in the commercial sector. Since 2013, he has been the driving force behind BAE Applied Intelligence’s success in breaking into the security market in the Americas. Colin has a strong technical background with many years of practical experience developing analytics coupled with the business experience needed to speak with decision makers at all levels of an organization.




Morning Session: 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Janice Tse

Director of Data Science

How Top Data Science Teams Are Driving Risk-based Security

Overall, data science has changed the way companies handle risk in almost every way. But what companies do with the valuable data gained is what makes the difference. With increasing demand for efficiency and accuracy comes a growing demand for stellar data scientists. At PayPal, analytics-driven data science is a top priority, but they aren’t just looking for data experts – they're looking for true problem solvers ready to use detective-like skills to solve the most complex problems. In this session, Hui discusses how PayPal’s data science teams have built their own in-house EFM systems and given PayPal one of the lowest loss rates in the industry - .32 percent.

View Presentation Slides Here

Brian Barrios

Portfolio Director
NIST National Cybersecurity FFRDC, MITRE Corporation

Should Organizations Share Threat Intel to Avoid the Next Cybergeddon?

With the rise in private sector data breaches, politically motivated attacks on the public sector and critical infrastructure, there’s growing discussion of legislation for threat intelligence sharing. Let’s dive into the risk and benefits of sharing, whether legislation is necessary to drive improvement against cyber attacks, and whether sharing will actually mitigate a cybergeddon.

View Presentation Slides Here


Steven Bay

Chief Information Security Officer
NuVasive, Inc.

Edward Snowden and Defending Against the Insider Threat

Steven Bay was Edward Snowden's manager when he fled the country with terabytes of classified data. In this session he will tell the inside story of his time managing and hunting for Ed and lessons learned about how to defend against the Insider Threat.

View Presentation Slides Here

Drew Hintz

Vulnerability Analyst

Protecting Against Password Phishing Attacks

Password phishing is a major threat that has been the initial attack vector for some of the largest public security breaches. This discussion covers risk-based approaches to securing credentials that minimize hurdles for users while still deterring attackers. It will address enterprise tools to protect passwords, a variety of second factors, risk-based authentication, and what to do after your users have been phished. It will even take on the daunting task of helping your users understand where they shouldn't type their password.

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Lunch: 12:30 p.m. -2:00 p.m.

Afternoon Session: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Josh Greenbaum (moderator)

Enterprise Applications Consulting

Dr. Colin McKinty

VP of Cyber Security Strategy, Americas, BAE Systems

Peter Oelschlaeger

Senior Director, Tanium, Inc.

Tim Helming

Director of Product Management, DomainTools

PANEL: Ensuring Cybersecurity Success in an Insecure World

Security has rapidly moved from the back office to the C-suite as a major operational and business issue. As the arms race to build better tools and processes to safeguard corporate and personal assets continues, understanding the right mix of new technology and new business security practices has become an essential part of every company’s cybersecurity planning. This panel will help decision-makers understand how to make these monumental shifts as successfully and painlessly as possible, and what needs to be done to ensure the right mix of security and operational flexibility in an increasingly insecure world. 

Bruce Snell

Cybersecurity and Privacy Director
Intel Security

Threat Intelligence: Using Current Trends to Catch Tomorrow’s Bad Guy

The security arms races continues to escalate.  A layered approach to security will help you defend against most threats, but how do you handle more sophisticated attacks targeted directly at your environment?  In this session we’ll take a look at some of the numbers behind the current “state of the hack” and discuss how you can turn those numbers to your advantage.

View Presentation Slides Here


Richard Rushing

Motorola Mobility

Time to Reboot Security

Richard Rushing, CISO at Motorola Mobility, will describe current security threats and how companies aren’t responding adequately. Cybercrime is on the rise. We have to do something. We’re trying, but the criminals have a huge head start. We came from a policy approach, but that’s passé. Now we’re firefighters. We run into burning buildings and save people. It’s time to reboot and think differently, or the bad guys are going to win. Rushing points out that vulnerabilities didn’t just appear five years ago; it’s just that today they’re being exploited more often and in more sophisticated ways.

View Presentation Slides Here


Cocktail Reception 5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m.








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The Rock Stars of Cybersecurity/Threats and Counter Measures will be held on September 13, 2016 at the EMP Museum

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