IEEE-CS Launches IEEE Pre-University Computing Portal

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 10 September 2012 – IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society have launched a new online pre-university computing education portal to raise awareness of and interest in computing and associated careers.
IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society developed IEEE to make global computing education resources available for pre-university teachers, school counselors, parents, and students. The site, intended to build upon the successes of its counterpart,, features information about academic and career preparation in computing, profiles of computing professionals and students, a computing career cloud tool, an accredited computing degree program search, lesson plans, opportunities for students, and more. 
The IEEE portal provides information about the wide range of career options available in the rapidly growing and evolving field of computing. Visitors can get a glimpse into the life and work of everyday computing professionals and undergraduate students through a series of engaging profiles. Computing heroes who have made significant contributions to the computing field will also be highlighted. The computing career cloud tool suggests careers for visitors to explore further on the site based their personal interests.
To provide support on academic preparation in computing, IEEE includes descriptions of popular computing majors and a searchable database of accredited computing degree programs worldwide. Additionally, offers career preparation guidance by suggesting pre-university coursework and listing extracurricular involvement opportunities such as competitions and scholarships. 
IEEE includes a series of lesson plans to help pre-university educators introduce essential computing concepts to their students. All of the information necessary for a teacher to successfully implement these activities in the classroom is included, such as background information on each topic, step-by-step instructions, lists of necessary materials, student worksheets, and references to education standards. Teachers can also rate and review lesson plans featured on the site.
IEEE was developed through a partnership between IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Educational Activities Board with funding from the IEEE New Initiatives Committee.

About IEEE Computer Society

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