IEEE Internet Computing Magazine Releases 20th Anniversary May/June 2017 Issue, “Celebrating 20 Years”

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 14 June 2017- IEEE Internet Computing (IC), one of IEEE Computer Society’s leading publications, has released its milestone 20th Anniversary May/June 2017 Issue, “Celebrating 20 Years.”

In honor of IC’s 20th anniversary, editor in chief Brian Blake discusses the articles curated for this special issue in his article "Twenty Years in the Making." He also notes how the magazine has continued to innovate, leading to the one of the highest impact factors of all IEEE Computer Society magazines.

To celebrate the anniversary, this issue contains several special additions, including anniversary promotions, features, and a newly created inaugural “Test of Time” article.

In "Internet Computing Begins," IC's first editor in chief Charles Petrie reminisces about the time surrounding the magazine's beginnings, as well as how IC became the IEEE Computer Society's first magazine posted online.

In another article, William Regli discusses his views of the magazine and reflects on writing the lead technical article for the inaugural issue in 1997. What emerges in "Past as Prolog(ue): Humans, Machines, and 20 Years of Internet Computing" is that some of the observations he made two decades ago, as this discipline arose, were temporal in nature, and indicative of the times. Others, however, carried a certain prescience while distilling enduring themes.

In honor of this anniversary, IC’s editorial board created a special recognition called “The Test of Time” award—the inaugural winners are Brent Smith, Greg Linden, and Jeremy York for their January/February 2003 article titled “ Recommendations: Item to Item Collaborative Filtering.”

For the 20th anniversary issue, Brent Smith and Greg Linden wrote an update to their 2003 article, called “Two Decades of Recommender Systems at,” where they discuss the technology behind Amazon's well-known personalization and recommendation system, and some of the changes since Amazon has grown. As a special promotion for the 20th anniversary, this updated article is available for free at

This celebratory issue also contains enhanced best papers from the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS), which taps into the need for personal security in the area of social media and increased dependence of Internet commerce and mobile commerce.

IC provides a journal-quality evaluation and review of Internet-based computer applications and enabling technologies. It also provides a source of information as well as a forum for both users and developers. The focus of the magazine is on Internet services using the World Wide Web, agents, and similar technologies.

The entire IC special issue is available here.

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About IEEE Internet Computing

EEE Internet Computing provides journal-quality evaluation and review of emerging and maturing Internet technologies and applications. The magazine targets the technical and scientific Internet user communities as well as designers and developers of Internet-based applications and enabling technologies. IC publishes refereed articles on the latest developments and key trends in Internet technologies and applications.
A crossroads between academic researchers and software professionals, the magazine presents novel content from academic and industry experts on a wide range of topics, including applications, architectures, information management, middleware, policies, security, and standards.  In addition to peer-reviewed articles, IC features industry reports, surveys, tutorials, columns, and news.