CS Election Kicks Off on 9 August

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 12 July, 2010 – The IEEE Computer Society election will kick off on Monday, 9 August, with the mailing of ballots and the opening of the election website with links to candidate bios and position statements.
Beginning this year, the paper ballots will point voters to the online election area, where they can read biographical sketches and candidate position statements for each nominee and view a photograph of the candidate. This information will also be published in the August issue of Computer magazine. The biographical sketches will detail the candidates’ Computer Society and other professional activities, current employment, professional experience and accomplishments, degrees and majors, awards, and other honors.
All members will have the opportunity to vote via paper mail, fax, or online. Ballots must be turned in by Monday, 4 October at noon EDT.
Roger Fujii, vice president of the Standards Activities Board (SAB) and vice president and general manager for Northrop Grumman Information Systems; and John Walz, vice president of the Technical and Conference Activities Board (T&C) and a Board of Governors member, will run for 2011 president-elect/2012 president. The president oversees the Society’s programs and operations and is a nonvoting member of most Society program boards and committees.
Frank Ferrante, a Board of Governors member and adjunct faculty at College of William & Mary, will run against David Alan Grier, vice president of the Publications Board and an associate professor at George Washington University, for first vice president. Candidates for second vice president are Jon Rokne, a member of the Board of Governors and University of Calgary computer science professor, and Sattupathu V. Sankaran, vice president of the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB) and an IT consultant for SAP Labs.
Each year, members of the IEEE Computer Society vote for the officers who will plan and direct the Society’s operations in the coming year. Computer Society officers lead efforts in such areas as publications, educational activities, conferences, and electronic products and services, and decide matters of administrative practice and policy for the Society as a whole.
The volunteers selected this year will serve under 2011 president Sorel Reisman, who was voted president-elect in last year’s election. After the election, Reisman, who works as managing director of MERLOT and professor of information systems at California State University, Fullerton, will appoint the two elected vice presidents to oversee two Computer Society boards. At his discretion, Reisman will select appointees to head the other governing boards.
The 11 candidates approved for 2011 to 2013 terms on the Board of Governors are:
• Pierre Bourque, co-editor of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, Professional Activities Board (PAB) member, Board of Governors member, and associate professor of software engineering at Ecole de technologie superieure;
• Jose Castillo-Velazquez, Aa tenured professor of Electronic Engineering at Universidad Autonoma de la Ciudad de Mexico and editor in chief of IEEE NoticIEEEro for Region 9;
• Dennis Frailey, Raytheon Principal Fellow, vice chair of the Educational Activities Board (EAB) and co-chair of the EAB’s Professional Development Committee;
• Atsuhiro Goto, a member of the Industry Advisory Board and vice president and general manager of Information Sharing Platform Labs at NTT;
• Andre Ivanov, an at-large TCAB member and a electrical and computer engineering professor at the University of British Columbia;
• Paul Joannou, a consultant with Ontario Power Generation and chair of PAB’s IT Committee;
• Dejan Milojicic, editor in chief of Computing Now and a senior research manager at HP Labs;
• Paolo Montuschi, a computer engineering professor at Politecnico di Torino; 
• Jane Chu Prey, senior research program manager at Microsoft Research External Research, the CS representative to the Computing Research Association, and an at-large member of the EAB; 
• R. Sampath, director of Quanta Consulting, chairman of the IEEE Orange County chapter and Vice Chair of Membership Development for the MGAB; and
• Charlene “Chuck” Walrad, managing director at Davenport Consulting and a member of the Digital Library Operations Committee, PAB IT Committee, and T&C secretary.
The seven candidates who receive the most votes will assume seats on the board starting in January 2011. The 21 members serve rotating three-year terms in groups of seven.
Candidates on the ballot are selected by the IEEE Computer Society Nominations Committee or by petition. The Nominations Committee accepts nominations from members until April of the current year and presents their nominations to the Board of Governors for final slate approval.

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