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US FBI Issues Warning to Businesses about Destructive Malware

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a “flash” warning to US businesses stating that hackers are using malware to launch a destructive domestic cyberattack. The five-page, confidential report contained technical details about the malware and how to prevent and respond to it. The malware reportedly overrides all data on computer hard drives, including the master boot record, and thus keeps infected computers from booting up. The malware is thought to be the same as that used in breach last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The FBI has not commented publicly on its warning and did not say how many companies were victims of the destructive software. However, the agency did say these are the first such attacks of this type in the US. “I believe the coordinated cyberattack with destructive payloads against a corporation in the US represents a watershed event,” Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer with security-software maker Trend Micro Inc., told Reuters. (CNET)(Engadget)(Reuters)

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