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Nokia Surprises with New Tablet Launch

Nokia, which sold its handset division to Microsoft in April 2014, is introducing a new Android-based tablet. The 7.9-inch N1 Tablet, which is planned to retail at $249, will initially be sold in China in early 2015 and will then be available in other markets. It has an aluminum body and is powered with an Intel processor running Android Lollipop. The device will be made by Foxconn, which will also handle distribution and sales for Nokia. The announcement was made during the Slush technology conference in Helsinki on 18 November 2014. Some market watchers were surprised at the announcement as Nokia, under the terms of its handset division sale, was unable to license its brand for mobile device sales for 30 months and was prohibited from using the Nokia brand on its own mobile devices until the end of 2015. (Associated Press @ The Charlotte Observer)(The Sydney Morning Herald)

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