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Raspberry Pi Reportedly Launching Low-Cost PC this Month

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that its much-anticipated low-cost Linux PC should be available later this month. The organization also said an expansion board for the unit is forthcoming. The Gertboard—named for Gert van Loo, the Broadcom employee creating the board in his spare time —will let young users experiment with external electronics such as flashing LEDs, electric motors, and different sensors. The initial computers will be available in a basic configuration for $25 and a second will offer 256 Mbytes of RAM and an Ethernet port for an additional $10. The credit-card-sized computers, designed for use with a TV and keyboard, will be released after additional hardware and software testing. The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s goal is to interest more children worldwide in computer programming by providing them with an affordable PC. (SlashDot)(CNET)(The Raspberry Pi Foundation)

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