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USDA Announces Additional Rural Broadband Grants

More than US$103 million in federal funding will be distributed through 23 projects designed to expand US rural broadband Internet access, the US Department of Agriculture announced Monday. The funding is designed to provide broadband access to areas underserved by commercial providers. Access to the Internet is critical in providing educational and economic opportunities to residents in these rural pockets, say policymakers. An additional US$90 million in infrastructure loans support five broadband projects that including one serving Wyoming’s Upper Wind River country and Little Snake River Valley. The infrastructure loans announced today are in addition to $192 million in loans announced in July. The US Federal Communications Commission reported that  roughly 28 percent of rural areas in the US -- nearly 19 million people -- lack access to Internet with speeds of three megabits per second or faster. The USDA efforts are among the various initiatives designed to close that gap. ( Community Connect)(US Department of Agriculture)

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