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The Art of Hacking

The Industry Leading Hacking Certification For Cyber Security Professionals.

Master the Art of Hacking by building your hands-on skills in a sophisticated hack-lab with material that is delivered on the world conference stage; certified, accredited, continually updated and available globally.

Art of Hacking Training Course

Non-Members: $1,295
Members: $995

Art of Hacking Course and Exam Bundle

Non-Members: $1,895
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Art of Hacking Certification Exam

Non-Members: $795
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Art of Hacking - Extra Lab Time

Non-Members: $350
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Hands-On Labs & Learning Environment

Key Tools That Build A Must Have Pen Tester Kit

Updated Regularly To Include Trending Techniques

Detailed Exercise Instructions & Consolidating Summaries

Written & Continually Developed By Leading Black Hat Trainers

Is 75-80% Hands-On Using A Feature-Rich, State-Of-The-Art “Hack-Lab”

Focuses On The Development Of Hands-On Skill, Not Just Knowledge & Fact


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The art of hacking overview

The ideal introductory / intermediate training that brings together both Infrastructure Hacking

and Web Hacking into a 5-day “Art of Hacking” class designed to teach the fundamentals of what Pen Testing is all about. This hands-on training was written to address the market need around the world for a real hands-on, practical and hack-lab experience that focusses on what is really needed when conducting a Penetration Test. Whilst a variety of tools are used, they are the key tools that should be in any Penetration Tester’s kit bag. This, when combined with a sharp focus on methodology will give you what is necessary to start or formalise your testing career.

This class teaches the attendees a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise the security of various operating systems, networking devices and web application components. The class starts from the very basic, and builds up to the level where attendees can not only use the tools and techniques to hack various components involved in infrastructure and web hacking, but also walk away with a solid understanding of the concepts on which these tools are based. The class comprises of 3 days of infrastructure hacking and 2 days of web hacking.

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Day 1

Infrastructure Basics

TCP/IP Basics

The Art of Port Scanning

Target Enumeration


Metasploit Basics

Password Cracking

Day 2

Hacking Unix, Databases and Applications

Hacking Recent Unix Vulnerabilities

Hacking Databases

Hacking Application Servers

Hacking Third Party Applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)

Day 3

Hacking Windows

Windows Enumeration

Hacking Recent Windows Vulnerabilities

Hacking Third Party Software (Browser, PDF, Java)

Post Exploitation: Dumping Secrets

Hacking Windows Domains

Day 4

Information Gathering, Profiling and Cross-Site Scripting

Understanding HTTP protocol

Identifying the Attack Surface

Username Enumeration

Formation Disclosure

Issues with SSL/TLS

Cross Site Scripting

Cross-Site Request Forgery

Day 5

Injection, Flaws, Files and Hacks

SQL Injection

XXE Attacks

OS Code Injection

Local/Remote File include

Cryptographic weakness

Business Logic Flaws

Insecure File Uploads


The Art Of Hacking Journey