Organizer Budgets

Make your Conference a Financial Success

Setting a budget is an important component of organizing a successful conference. We want you to succeed. That's why we've come up with processes to make sure your conference stays on track financially, in addition to being remembered as a top gathering spot for the best and brightest minds in your technical specialty. And after this year's conference is over, the books need to be closed to ensure that you're back next year with an even bigger and more successful event for your part of the industry.

New Conferences

First, get acquainted with the Conference Information Management Application. This is the software system you will use to submit your financial information. The first time you submit a conference budget, it may seem daunting. However, be assured that your assigned IEEE Computer Society meeting planner is available to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Renewing Conferences

If you're a renewing conference, and don't have a deficit, take advantage of the simplified budget process. Instead of providing details of expenses and revenues, just provide totals and share a copy of your working budget file. In addition, if you haven't had a deficit in consecutive instances, you can now submit conference information up to two years in advance. Submit your information in the new Technical Meeting System six months before the conference, and Technical Committees will review and endorse your conference prior to budget approval. Providing streamlined alternatives is just one of the ways the IEEE Computer Society is working to make life easier for returning organizers. Renewing conferences with a deficit must still submit a full budget and undergo budget review.

Documents You'll Need

Well ahead of your conference, be sure you've submitted the following documents:

Co -sponsorship MOUs

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between financial cosponsors of the conference is needed when there's more than one financial sponsoring entity. Find out more about MOUs here or contact your meeting planner. Send your completed MOU to

Principles of business conduct

The finance chair and the general chair and co-chair must complete online Conflict of Interest and IEEE Principles of Business Conduct forms then send the email confirmation they receive to

Fiscal agent MOU

A Fiscal Agent MOU is required when a third party, with no financial interest in the conference, receives and/or disburses funds related to the conference. For example, registration services that collect registration fees for the conference or vendors providing finance or conference management services. Send the completed MOU to

Approved budget

Conferences sponsored by IEEE Computer Society must submit a budget through the Technical Meeting System. Once a budget is approved in TMS and sponsorship is granted, the IEEE Computer Society's Conference Support Services staff will forward a copy of the approved budget to IEEE. Be sure to obtain a copy of the budget in TMS and keep it for your records.

Banking information

Since IEEE will assume financial liability for your conference, prior to sponsorship approval, please provide the name of your bank, account number and name, IBAN number (for non-US accounts), names of signatures on the account, and any specific information the bank may need (if non-US bank).

Bank signature card

All IEEE Conference Bank Accounts provide for the signatures of at least two volunteers and the IEEE Staff Director of Financial Services, or designee(s), except as shall be required under local government regulations. This will provide assurance to the conference and to IEEE of the availability of alternative signatures, if the need arises (see IEEE Finance Operations Manual). Please submit a copy of your bank's signature card to the IEEE Conference Operations Group. Once signed by the IEEE Director of Financial Services, it will be sent back to you.

Sponsorship approval notification

Retain a copy of your sponsorship approval notification so that closing requirements can be met if the original notification should become misplaced.

IEEE information schedule form

IEEE Computer Society conference support staff will submit your conference information to IEEE to ensure early publicity and avoid date/subject conflicts with other conferences while listing your conference in the IEEE Conference Search and IEEE's Call for Papers listing.

Conference committee list

Submit a list of covered volunteers, officers, and nonmembers involved in the conference to IEEE Conference Operations Group so that they can be covered by the IEEE master liability policy. This coverage will apply only during the term of the conference or meeting.

After Your Conference, Be Sure You've Submitted the Following Documents:

Advanced loan repayment

If your conference received an advance loan from IEEE Computer Society, it must be repaid no later than 30 days from the conference's end date, or sooner if possible. Until the advance loan is repaid, the conference cannot be closed. Please follow the remittance information provided to the conference when the advance loan was received. If you need a copy of the remittance information, please contact

Final financial report

The conference's general chair is responsible for preparing and submitting a final report no later than four months after the conference, along with any loan repayment or surplus. The final report must include the financial report (updated through CIMA), a program summary, an update on how conference activities were received, suggestions for improving the conference, a copy of the final program, and a list of the names and contact information for all attendees.

Certificate of accuracy form

Submit a completed and signed IEEE Certificate of Accuracy form with your other financial closing documentation. It must be signed by both the conference finance chair and general chair (or alternate).


IEEE Policy 10.1.9 states the distribution of any surplus or the allocation of any deficit resulting from a conference will be apportioned to the sole sponsor or co-sponsoring organizational units of a conference within six months of the conference. Conferences may not transfer funds from one year to the next year's conference. Contact your assigned meeting planner to transfer any appropriate surplus to IEEE Computer Society.

Proof of bank account closure

If not using IEEE Concentration Banking and opening an external bank account for the conference, call it "The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc., d/b/a Year IEEE Conference Title" and use Tax Identification Number 13-1656633. You will need this number to open a bank account. When closing the conference's external bank account(s), submit a copy of the final, closing bank statement(s), showing that all funds have been properly distributed within six months of the conference.

Destroy check form

If your conference is using an IEEE Concentration Banking account for the conference, submit a destroy check form to close the account.

Tax forms

IEEE and its societies are required to report income paid to US citizens, including honorarium payments. Please report to the Computer Society any payments of above US $600 if the Computer Society is at least a 50 percent cosponsor. Include a completed 1099 form for US contractors and form 1042 for non-US contractors. Do not include reimbursement expenses, such as travel expenses.

Attendees list

Please provide a complete list of attendees to the Computer Society. This list should include any contact information collected by the conference, including attendee's name, job title, affiliation, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, etc.

Audit report

Audits are required where IEEE Computer Society's or IEEE's combined share of sponsorship accounts for budgeted expenses exceeding US $100,000. The audit can be completed by an independent outside professional or IEEE audit services. Contact Computer Society finance and accounting staff to use IEEE Audit services, or submit your outside auditor's report to IEEE Computer Society with your final report. Please retain financial documents in the event of a random IEEE audit.

Conference publication

If you're publishing through Conference Publishing Services, the publication will be taken care of. Otherwise, to submit publication content (as a Xplore-compliant CD and other media types) to the IEEE Conference Publications Program staff, following instructions in the CPP Letter of Agreement.

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