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July/August 2016

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The guest editors introduce the special issue on high-performance interconnects and discuss the four articles chosen for the issue from the 2015 IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects. Read (requires login) »

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IEEE Micro focuses on computers and peripherals; systems, components, and subassemblies; communications, instrumentation and control equipment; and software. Micro brings together top research from some of the leading microarchitects and scholars from around the world.

Articles from IEEE Micro

Sirius Implications for Future Warehouse-Scale Computers

Sirius Implications for Future Warehouse-Scale Computers

Demand is expected to grow for cloud services that deliver sophisticated artificial intelligence on the critical path of user queries, as is the case with Apple's Siri. Read full article »

Profiling a Warehouse-Scale Computer

Profiling a Warehouse-Scale Computer

To understand how datacenter software utilizes the hardware and to improve future server processor performance, the authors profiled more than 20,000 Google machines over a three-year period. Read full article »


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Top Picks from the 2016 Computer Architecture Conferences

Special Issue on Cognitive Architectures



Podcast: Micro Economics

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An Honest Policy Wonk
This podcast addresses regulatory capture, examining when the regulatory environment works in spite of it due to the presence of an honest policy wonk. More Micro Economics Podcast »