Cloud Storage

May/June 2016

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This special issue of Internet Computing surveys topics and challenges surrounding cloud storage. These include software-defined object storage in OpenStack Swift, shared services for file synchronization, convergent dispersal for secure cloud storage with high storage efficiency, quality of service for tiered storage in the cloud, and an application of cloud storage for the Internet of Things. Read full article »

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IEEE Internet Computing covers all aspects of Internet computing, from programming and standards to security and networking. Published bimonthly, the magazine offers peer-reviewed feature, department, and column articles for both industry and academic readers.

Articles from IEEE Internet Computing

An Internet of Drones

An Internet of Drones

The safe operation of drones for commercial and public use presents communication and computational challenges. The Geocast Air Operations Framework (GAOF) addresses them using novel network and software architectures. Read full article »

Ensembling Classifiers for Detecting User Intentions behind Web Queries

Ensembling Classifiers for Detecting User Intentions behind Web Queries

User intentions behind Web search queries are provided to a machine learning algorithm that learns from these examples and then can classify unseen user queries, improving user experience. Read full article »


Calls for Nominations

Calls for Papers

  • Energy-Efficient Data Centers
    Submissions due 28 October 2016
    Publication: July/August 2017
  • 5G
    Submissions due 12 January 2017
    Publication: September/October 2017


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