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Steve Vinoski

In his new IEEE Internet Computing column "The Functional Web," Steve Vinoski focuses on Representational State Transfer (REST) and the Web. He specifically concentrates on developing production-ready RESTful Web services using functional programming languages and techniques.

Steve is also recording "The Functional Web" into a regular podcast for Computing Now, which you can subscribe to here.

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Steve Vinoski is a member of technical staff at Verivue in Westford, MA. He's an active contributor to and author in the fields of middleware and distributed computing systems. He serves on IEEE Internet Computing magazine's editorial board and is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Steve writes a lot of code in a variety of programming languages on a daily basis. You can contact him at


02. Scala and Lift - Functional Recipes for the Web
Steve and coauthor Debasish Ghosh explore Scala, an OO-functional language on the Java virtual machine, and Lift, a framework implemented on Scala's functional features.


Also available

01. Welcome to "The Functional Web"
In his new column, "The Functional Web" Steve talks about Representational State Transfer (REST) and the Web.

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