2010 IEEE Virtual Reality Conf., pp. 47–50

Street and city landscape.

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Egocentric Space-Distorting Visualizations for Rapid Environment Exploration in Mobile Mixed Reality

by Christian Sandor, Arindam Dey, Andrew Cunningham, Sebastien Barbier, Ulrich Eck, Donald Urquhart, Michael R Marner, Graeme Jarvis, and Sang Rhee

Most of today's mobile internet devices contain facilities to display maps of the user's surroundings with points of interest embedded into the map. Other researchers have already explored complementary, egocentric visualizations of these points of interest using mobile mixed reality. Being able to perceive the point of interest in detail within the user's current context is desirable, however, it is challenging to display off-screen or occluded points of interest. We have designed and implemented space-distorting visualizations to address these situations. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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